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categorical imperative (Kant). They provide for recognition of moral rules in between a decision and action, which Kant refers to as duties and Mill (subordinate principles). Utilitarianism entirely focuses on the result of an action (experience) while Kantian theory relates only to the will or reasons made for the action, irrespective of the result (MacIntyre 335). John Stuart Mill’s utilitarianism theory states that as long as an action leads to the maximization of the happiness of most people (greatest possible amount of happiness for the largest number of individuals), then it is right (Beauchamp N.p; Driver N.p). Psychologically, according to Mill, all people would act in a manner that seeks...

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categorical imperative which comprises of acting on maxims. Morality should be universal because, for all people, the cause is the same at all times. To be moral, maxim should be applicable to all people. If Maxim is not applicable to everyone, then it cannot be morally rational. A person who believes that the moral decisions he or she makes are an exemption, such a person makes the decision on what he or she finds best but not on moral reason. Therefore Kant argues that people make decisions and act in a selected manner because the motive of the act is commendable. This contradicts the hypothetical imperative which assumes that people only act on something so as to get something else. However, John...