Kant Review: Criticism Of The Practical Reason

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Kant review: criticism of the practical reason


In 1788 Kant published his work (criticism of practical reason) in which it consists of reason in its practical appearance, which becomes the basis of human action, the purpose of this book was to know or know how it shouldbe human behavior. According to Kant, the questions of human life are the following: that I can know, that it is up to me to do, that I am authorized to wait, these three great questions of human existence condense in one, he had the idea that anthropology was theSynthesis of all knowledge Idehuman.


For Kant, the change between being directed by others is key and one starts to take the reins of life itself, taking reins of life itself is what is called autonomy, cars in Greek is a pronoun that refers to the same thingSo those who have reached the age of the ageWhat is correct.

When we talk about formal ethic we are showing what the lane is through which human life must be unfolding, but there is no instructions or recipes or specific behaviors, you can only say what is the characteristic that your behavior must have,Formal ethics will not be able to solve problems you will have to solve them, but formal ethics will teach you how a person is ethically correct way.


The contents of the practical reason revolve around the concept of the categorical imperative, the categorical imperative is to respect those moral norms that we consider valid precisely because of the respect inspired by the norm, therefore the categorical imperative is a criterion that must guide our entireBehavior, when a person guides his will according to the categorical imperative is what Kant calls good will, that is, the will whose only reason is respect for moral norms and regardless of any other motivation the goal from the ethical point of viewand moral.

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