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breastfeeding mothers are also exempted from ketorolac use. The same case applies to those taking some drugs like probenecid and oxpentifylline because probenecid increases ketorolac levels while oxpentifylline causes bleeding. Side Effects The commonest side effects a patient experiences with ketorolac medication include drowsiness and gastrointestinal problems like nausea, constipation, diarrhea, and heartburn. Photosensitivity can also result and this presents as discoloration, sunburns, rashes, blisters, or vision alterations on exposure to sunlight. Flu-like symptoms, chills, and muscle pains should be taken seriously when they occur after Toradol medication as they are harbingers of...

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breastfeeding. As illustrated above HIV trends in pregnant mothers and adults is reducing with time. HIV Treatment HIV still has no cure currently, but there are drugs which can be used to drag the progress thus prolong the life of the infected people. These drugs are called antiretroviral (ARV) which must be initiated as soon as one has tested positive in order to extend life, improve life quality and reduction of transmission risks according to the world health organization guidelines in June 2013 (Facts, 308). PEP(post-exposure prophylaxis) is an emergency pill for HIV exposure, which needs to be used within 72 hours after exposure. PEP is to be used for 28 days or four weeks. HIV...

breastfeeding, where they maintain that brain further development is solely more dependent on the nutrients a baby obtains from its mother (Hadley 943). Right through nurturing begins as nature takes its course. A child’s cognitive abilities are actively stimulated by the environment the child is exposed to in addition to how its brain developed. Since it cannot be said by how a mother cared for her pregnancy, it is true that variations as concerns the brain development begin as early as that stage. This idea disapproves the notion that all children are born the same with the same kind of brain development as was supported by Frank Galton, the kind of assumption that led to the creation of a...

breastfeeding their infants thus when they selected formula milk, they were ready for the consequences and any individual in the company cannot be blamed for their choice. The companies should provide information to the society and leave the decision-making option for the clients; in this regard, there should be a line between marketing and the decision to purchase and use infant formula feed. After the formula feed companies stopped the public advertising, they strategized to maintain their image in the market. They developed a voluntary strategy of offering free samples to mothers; this reduced their profits but increased the number of women that showed up for the free samples. My company will...

breastfeeding and pregnant women (Kendall et al. 251). The reviews of integrated services towards the deterrence of HIV’s vertical transmission “with other Maternal and Child Health (MCH) services” have revealed positive results regarding coverage; however, few studies give evidence on the health results (Kendall et al. 254). In a similar manner, providing contraceptives in services aimed at treating HIV and like a usual segment of postpartum care has revealed improved uptake by the HIV-infected women. Contraception alone has not been very effective in lowering the rate of maternal demises and morbidity amongst HIV-infected women. However, if combined with other HIV care and MCH services, they...

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