The Factors That Affect The Peak And The Persistence Of Milk Production In Cattle

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The factors that affect the peak and the persistence of milk production in cattle


In the system, the beak and the persistence of milk is known one of the most important races such as Holstein and its crosses with other races both Creole races defined for an adaptation in the environment with genetic groups that help the breastfeeding curve To know dairy production by establishing different management and behavior management as a breastfeed 2017).

In the breastfeeding curve there are dairy components with a development of studies in nature that are integrated into the elaboration of nutritional demands for solid and dairy liquid remedies (Ossa & Torregroza, 1997). When the breastfeeding curve is carried out, it is due to the milk composition that allows productive behavior, the genetic exposure in the flock and the evaluation of the food when consumed with the contribution of characteristics in the production curve with protein percentages, Fat, lactose and casein with conditions of exploitation of a bovine genotype (Hernández & Ponce, 2008).


They are the combination of factors of a progressive death with epithelial cells partially of new cells in the dairy epithelium. The persistence of milk is due in the total production of breastfeeding. When a lower production curve is due in first-time cows or first delivery ranging from 4-6% and a production curve in adult cows is due to the production of 8-10% monthly (Chirino-Eenel, Véliz- Deras, & Meza-Herrera, 2012). The final breastfeeding of adult cows is due to a fall enters a 10-14% while in first-time cows it is due only 6-8% and the recovery is established with innate reserves present in first-lived cattle affecting genetics, medium Environment, milking, weight, age, gestation and food among other factors (Hans, 2009).

When breastfeeding is ended or in drying it is carried out as the regeneration of the epithelium as the renewal in the secretory cells. In addition, the acute involution of the mammary glands in a bovine is due to the secretion in the milking and the modification of the breast tissue affecting its morphology; In the gradual involution it is regulated with both systemic and local factors that affect milk production with a number of secretory cells (Quintero & Sema, 2007). However, by decreasing blood levels, prolactin hormones and the activation of a plasminogen/ plasmin system with other factors for the presence of a serum in milk to inhibit its secretion such as FIL (Méndez, Honey, & Díaz, 2005) promote hormones .

When a drying period is produced that lasts about 60 days, (minegriciculture, 2018) but some races are shortened at an estimated time of 30-45 days in adult cows while in first time an estimated time of 50-60 days occurs (Romero, 2009).

In the breastfeeding curve is due to 3 procedures such as: increase in frequency in milking with a breastfeeding principle and probably be estimated to proliferate secretory cells; BST administration is due to the renewal of secretory cells with a better milk production; Increase in photojournal is due to the marking of the luminosity in order to favor its production (union-water-regional-oupalisco, 2020), however, it is due to an increase in production that occurs through childbirth; Increase in photojourn Escobar, & García-Muñiz, 2008)

Breastfeeding curve

It is the use with the description of a phenomenon that is sometimes observed in the exploitation of dairy cows with the lactation characteristic with a phenomenon from the first breastfeeding or first birth is due to body reserves with a medium and final breastfeeding to recover its Weight while the second childbirth would be less (Romero, 2009).

In the first breastfeeding, it is due to a much weaker breastfeeding since it needs additional growth or help. However, if the food is inadequate, it is due to a first delivery of a medium and final breastfeeding so that it dries for transition to contribute to its second childbirth (Hans, 2009)

In breastfeeding there is a production with a sudden increase with the requirements of a much greater consumption through the food conditions for different physiological adaptations (union-regional-de-jalisco, 2020).

Having a breastfeeding peak has a much higher level because the productive cycle lasts about 305 days estimated. When they have a genetic factor in the peak of production and persistence are influenced by a nutritional management by a better environment with a nutritional unbalance either more relevant (Hernández & Ponce, 2008).

The breastfeeding and nutrition of a bovine is due to a sudden front with greater consumption with a capital series, in addition to losing a 0.5- 1 kg of daily body mass In the 60 -80 days in breastfeeding, the body’s fat reserves will be given with a less quantity and muscle tissue. On the contrary, having with a positive energy balance will exercise a recovery between 80-90 days of breastfeeding (Correa, 2005).

A cow with a greater production this can lose 1.5kg of mass up to 3-4 weeks when your recovery begins. However, if a body condition occurs with a reflected fall with obvious milk production. Concluding that the beginning of recovery indicates to reproductive efficiency in its reproductive and dairy production (Hans, 2009). In addition, knowing a lower bovine condition with high production indicates a good capacity for conversion into food; On the contrary, having a premature condition.

In dairy production, problems such as the reproductive cycle, 305 -day production, carrying a hormonal calendar are considered; For the contario it should be considered whether the reproductive cycle is seasonal, the interprets, detection of zeal, pregnancy and conception, the useful life of the cattle, the costs to be maintained during childbirth and postpartum problems; (Unión-Gasedera-Regional-De-árisco, 2020) However, having less deliver milking being these tomorrow, half day, late relieving filling or weight in udr. & Riesco d., 2002).


• In animal production it is due to nutritional management with a production rise with a decrease in it in adaptable conditions of the same.

• Cows with a double purpose obtain some patterns or conditions in dairy farm with food management analysis with decisions used for better milk production. 

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