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Antigone Dear Abby,We have just returned to Thebes with an intention to help our brothers. Unfortunately, both of them are dead. One of them was given a decent burial. The king has given orders that nobody should bury my other brother. The king has said that anybody who will try to bury my brother will be put to death. I feel that we must give our brother a decent burial and to please the gods. My sister is not ready to support me towards giving our brother a dissent burial fearing that the king might punish us. Please advise me on how I can deal with this burial issue. Strong-willed Dear Strong-willed, I know how it feels to lose both your brothers at once. It is true that it is your obligation...

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Antigone. Throughout these classic texts, morality is uniformly a universal good, it is a necessary characteristic of leadership, and ultimately, it originates from a realm beyond the human. In popular mythology, morality is a universal good. This means that it benefits everyone, but at the same time, it implies that everyone has a matching definition of the concept. Odyssey, the most common of the three classics can be considered the most successful leader of the three. Since the beginning, he serves the people diligently, and therefore everyone loves him. It is evident that the Greek and the Mesopotamian communities exalt different qualities in a leader. While the Greek associate leadership with...