The Study Of The Greek Tragedy Of Antigona

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The study of the Greek tragedy of Antigona


The antigone literary composition, ἀντιγόνη in Greek, is a Greek tragedy written in the 5th century before Christ by the tragic poet Athenian Sophocles, and first represented in the year 442 before Christ in the old Thebes Thebes. Based on the Tebana legend "Las Seven Against Thebes", this being the first book written by Sophocles about the legend but containing its end, that is why this classic work has as its protagonist Antigone, young who, with courage and indignation,Disobey the decree imposed by his uncle Creon (king of Thebes), which prohibits the burial of polynices, his brother, for dishonoring the homeland, with death penalty;She dating in the dark to bury her body, where she is captured and taken before her uncle and the next father -in -law of her, who orders her to be buried alive;preferring antigone suicide in the dungeon, giving way to 2 deaths, hemon’s, her fiance, for her death, and Eurídice, Creon’s wife, for the death of her son.

Antigone is a Greek tragedy that is not clearly divided, however, the sequence of the actions within the work can be noted;Through the various tragic facts that develop in this and wrap the characters, Sophocles enhance how important religion and their laws in the life of the ancient Greeks, showing the mandados the gods as victorious in the face of controversial issues that surround as they are as they are likeThey are pride, recklessness, overestimation, greed, among others;In the end, they interfere with the laws created by man, making them subjective and little accurate compared to the divine.

Antigone possessing the character of his father, strong and aguerridbury his brother, demonstrating courage and being dignity admired by the people to respect the gods;However, her destiny does not change, ending with her death.

After oral activity, I consider that people who are really sure of their convictions have the necessary character to make sure that they are fully fulfilled, and exercise them despite the fact that the earthly world tries to omit them by establishing mandates opposed to the divine, whichThey are usually far from objectivity. 

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