Zika Virus: Cases And Prevention

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Zika virus: cases and prevention


The World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that Zika is a virus caused through the mosquito bite which is transmitted by the Aedes genre, in places such as Africa, Asia and America, which theCrowd is at risk of being affected by this pandemic, pregnant women would be more affected especially why it causes irreparable damage to the fetus, these damages directly affect the brain, produces abortion, among others. This virus does not demonstrate indications of symptomatologies in people, it was recorded that in most cases presented they do not get sick and do not notice that they witness this infection.


In 2016, recent cases were diagnosed in America, with respect to investigations in Brazil, an outbreak of 400 thousand people affected was recorded, cases were presented during pregnancy, the fetus was affected causing neurological malformations, this country knew how to excelThis epidemic.

The control centers and disease prevention (CDC), stated that they have investigated 9 cases of this virus in pregnant women additional reports of pregnant women with the virus that traveled to: Samoa American, Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Puerto Rico, which this virus presented in these different places was transmitted. 

They found a first case in 2016 it was in Costa Rica, from that same year to February 2017, a total of 166 pregnant women infected by this Zika virus were reported and 2 affirmated cases have been recorded which presented congenital infection with microcephaly in microcephalyThe fetus, one was reported in San José and the other registered in Puntarenas.


 The research presented by the Tyndall Center is said that Peru is considered the third country with a lotreported in Peru, according to the Ministry of Health (Minsa) has notified 109 pregnant women with this virus: in Loreto there are 47 pregnant women affected by this virus.5 Faced with this problem we ask ourselves the following question.

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