Zeus Mythology And History

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Zeus mythology and history


Zeus was the king of the Olympic gods and the supreme deity of the Greek religion . Often known as the Father, as the god of thunder and the ‘cloud collector’, controlled the climate, offered signals and omens and, in general, imparted justice, guaranteeing the order between the gods and humanity from his seat in theAlto del Monte. Olympus. Zeus’s struggle for power. Zeus’s father was Cronos and his mother Rea. Cronos had usurped the control of his father’s heavens and was constantly worried that he would not happen to his own children. To avoid any possession, therefore, all his children were swallowed: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades and Poseidon. 


Rea saved his youngest son Zeus wrapping a stone in diapers and giving this to Cronos to swallow him. Zeus was taken to the mountain. Dikte on the island of Crete, where she was raised by the primitive goddess Gaia (Earth), or in some versions for the nymphs. Among these was the nymph amaltea (in some versions of the myth it was a goat) that breastfered the young god. Upon reaching adulthood, Zeus made Cronos cough again the children he had swallowed and Zeus then married his sister Hera. However, Titans without law, animated by Gaia, immediately tried. 

The Titans were the brothers and sisters of Cronos and it was only through the help of the Cyclops – who made Zeus their rays – and the giants of one hundred hands orcancheires (Briareos, cottus and gyges) that Zeus finally could imprison the TitansIn the Tartar, the deepest part of the underworld. Governing the heavens, Zeus gave dominion over the seas to Poseidon and the underworld to Hades. However, Olympics could not reign peacefully, since Gaia requested the help of the terrible and wild giants to fight Zeus in gigantomaquia. The Olympics were helped this time by the great Hero Hercules.

After Zeus mocked Gaia in her attempt to give the giants a magical herb, once again they won the battle for the control of the world, not however, before the giants had created great destruction. Moving mountains, islands and rivers. Zeus’s reign was only challenged once again when some of the gods, particular. The father, however, was released by one of thecantent and the status quo was restored. The offspring of Zeus. Although he first married (apparently briefly) with the titan Metis and then with Hera.

Zeus was famous for his adulterers, during which he often became several incarnations to bed with his prey. He, therefore, had a lot. Athena – with Metis, but when Zeus swallowed his wife for fear that a son usurpara her position, Athena was born from Zeus’s head and became the favorite daughter of the god. Apollo and Artemis and Leto . Hermes – With the Nymph Maia. Zeus, impressed by his silver ribs and language, granted him the role of messenger of the gods. Dionysos with Semele who, being deceived by a jealous hera.

He asked to see Zeus in all his divine splendor and immediately expired as a consequence. Dionysos was born from Zeus’s thigh as a result of his mother’s premature death. Hercules – with Alkmene and, therefore, was forever the issue of the intrigues of a jealous hera, but at his death Zeus took him to the mountain. Olympus and made him a god. Perseus – with Dánae, who was conquered by Zeus’s charms when he appeared as a golden rain to enter his camera where he was imprisoned by his father Acrisio. Persephone and Iacchus – with Demeter. The destinations, the hours, time (stations), eunomy (legality), dike (justice), eirene (peace) with themis. 

Helen, the godkouroi & polydeuces – with Leda, for whom he became a swan. Aglaea (splendor), Euphrosyne (Alegría) and Thalia (good mood) – (the three thanks) with Eurynome. Minos, Rhadamanthys & Sarpedon – with Europe after Zeus disguised himself as a magnificent white bull and took her to Crete. Epaphos. Lasion with Electra . Arcas, with the Nymph Callisto, both the son and the mother were transformed into bears by a jealous artemis, but Zeus turned them into constellations: the minor bear and the greatest. The nine muses with Mnemosyne after the couple slept together for nine consecutive nights.

Zeus was also considered the founder of certain races, in particular the magnesium and the Macedonians. He also turned ants into the magnificent fighter mirmidons for his son Aiakos, who would later be directed by Achilles in the Trojan War . Arcadio Silver Easter. Zeus the punishment. The God was also the great punishment. Those who worked badly or committed acts of impiety were severely punished, often forever. The Titans were imprisoned in the Tartar and after acts of impiety against Zeus, Apollo and Poseidon were forced to build the magnificent Trojan walls that were so useful in the Trojan War. 

An explanation of the war in mythology was that Zeus sought to stop the growing population of humanity. Zeus also chose Paris as a judge in the famous beauty contest between Aphrodite, Hera and Atane. It is not possible in any way to evade Zeus’s mind . Hesiod, works and days. Other victims of Zeus’s revenge included Titan Prometheus, who was condemned to an eagle ate the liver every day after the gods stole fire and gave it to humanity. 

Atlas had to keep the heavens for eternity due to his role in Titanomaquia. Sisyphus, punished for his deceptions, was condemned to roll a huge stone for a hill in the underworld. Asclepio was killed by one of Zeus’s rays because the medicine of the first and his ability to resurrect the dead threatened the balance of power between men and gods. Pandora, the first woman was sent to the world by Zeus as a punishment for receiving the gift from fire and she was going to be the source of all the misfortunes of humanity, taken with her in a box. Fineo, who was deceived by Hera to blind his two children.

He was blinded by Zeus, who also sent the harpies to continually harass him. Ixion precipitously declared his love for Hera, so Zeus brought him to Hades to be tied forever to a rotating wheel. Lycaon gave Zeus human flesh to test his divinity and the God punished his insolence by making him a wolf. Salmoneus thought that he was a God and pretended to be Zeus throwing torches lit as lightning and riding his car to make a noise like thunder, but Zeus quickly stopped his clown killing him instantly with a real real lightning. The list continues but the message is clear, bad actions and lack of respect would be severely punished.

Zeus The Pacifier. Despite the terrible punishments that Zeus could inflict, he was also a peacemaker, reconciling Apollo and Hermes when they fought for the first lyre . Similarly, Zeus resolved the conflict between Apollo and Hercules over the Delphi tripod . He also persuaded Hades to separate from Persephone a part of each year and thus put an end to the terrible drought that his mother Demeter had caused to the human race in protest for being captive in the underworld. For simple mortals, Zeus was at least fair. Zeus had at his feet the jars of destiny, one full of bad things, another full of good things and dispensed with both with justice. 

Similarly, the moment of death of a mortal was carefully weighed in the golden balance of Zeus. Columns, Olympic Zeus Temple, Athens. Zeus had an oracle, the oldest in fact, in Dodona, in northern Greece, where ascetic priests served an oracle that interpreted the sounds of the wind in the branches of the sacred oaks and the babbling of the water of the sacred sacred spring. Another great sanctuary dedicated to Zeus was in Olimpia, where every four years from 776 to. C. The Olympic Games attracted crowds from all over the Greek world to honor the father of the gods and where 100 oxs were sacrificed to Zeus at the end of each games. 

Also in Olimpia, the huge temple of Zeus of the 5th century. C. The gigantic statue of gold and ivory of the God of Fidias housed, who was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Other important sacred sites for the God were on the mountain. Lycaios, in Athens, Nemea, Pergamon, Stratos and Libya. Surprisingly, there were few festivals in honor of Zeus, one was the Diasia de Athens. However, in general, Zeus, as head of the Greek pantheon, was omnipresent and, therefore, had no special links with specific cities . However, Zeus was worshiped in most family houses, where he often dedicated an altar in each patio, since, like Zeus Herkeios. 

Protected the family home and property in general. It was also Zeus Xenios, the God of Hospitality, Zeus Polieus, protector of the cities, Zeus Horkios Guardián of the oaths and Zeus Soter, the protector and benefactor general of all.Zeus or Cape Artemisium. Representations in art. In Greek art, Zeus almost always carries a beard and carries a ray or a scepter. He was also strongly associated with bulls, oaks and eagles, one of the latter sometimes appears by his side when he does not have his lightning or scepter. Zeus is a central figure in the east pediment of the part, but without a doubt the most majestic representation of God is the Bronze Statue of Artemesio (460 A. C.) 


Where he stops with confidence, with his feet separated, about to throw lightning. Some scholars believe that the figure is Poseidon, but the art historian J. Boardman presents the convincing argument that the position is much more familiar to Zeus’s representations in Greek art (see the statue of Dodona) and if the figure held a trident (much longer than a lightning), it would obscure the face, a consequenceundesirable aesthetics for Greek sculpture . Greek ceramics is another rich source of myths that involve Zeus, in particular scenes that represent their many metamorphosis and Zeus also appeared in many coins, in particular those of Elis.

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