Zeus’S Punishment To Prometheus

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Zeus’s punishment to Prometheus


Prometheus, punished by Zeus Prometheus, punished by Zeus. Prometheus is a ‘cousin’ of Zeus. He is the son of the Japanese titan, as Zeus is the son of Titan Cronos. Traditions differ on the name of their mother. We call Asia, daughter of Ocean, or Clymenè, also Oceanid. Prometheus has several brothers: epimete, which contrasts with him, the ‘clumsy’ par excellence, Atlas, Menoetios. In turn, Prometheus married. His wife’s name also varies according to the authors: most of the time he is célaéno or clymenè. His children are death, Lycos and Chimaerée, who are sometimes joined by Aetnaenos, Hellèn and Theébé. It is believed that Prometheus created the first men, modeling them with clay. 


But this legend does not appear in theogony, where Prometheus is simply the benefactor of humanity, not its creator. Prometheus had cheated Zeus for men. For the first time in Mécônè, during a solemn sacrifice, he had made two parts of an ox: on the one hand, he had put the meat and bowels under the skin, which he had covered with the belly of the ‘animal;On the other side, he had arranged the stripped bones of the flesh and had covered them with white fat. Then he had told Zeus to choose his part;The rest to go to men. Zeus chose the white fat, and when he discovered that he only hid bones, he seized a great resentment against Prometheus.

And against the mortals that this trick had favored. So, to punish them, he decided not to fire them again. Then Prometheus went to his aid once again;He stole the seed seeds ‘de la Rueda del Sol’ and brought them to Earth, hidden in a cackling wand. Another tradition is that he stole this fire from the forge of Hefesto. Zeus punishes mortals and his benefactor against the former, imagined by sending them a creature with a special way, Pandora. As for Prometheus, he chained it with steel links in the Caucasus and sent an eagle, born of Echidna and Typhon. To devour your liver, which always reborn. And he swore for the stigia that he would never release Prometheus of the Roca. 

However, Heracles (Hercules) when he went through the Caucasus region, crossed the Prometheus Eagle with an arrow and delivered it. Zeus, happy with this feat that joined the glory of his son, did not protect, but so that his oath was not in vain, he ordered Prometheus to carry a ring with the steel of his chains and a piece of rock on whichI was tied: thus a steel link continued to join the titan to his rock. Zeus, the god of the gods and ruler of the Olympus Zeus ruling the Olympus. It was at this time that the Centaur Quirón, accidentally injured by a Heracles arrow and suffering without truce, wanted to die. As was immortal, I had to find someone to accept their immortality.


Prometheus lent him this service and became immortal in his place. Zeus accepted the liberation and immortality of the Titan with much more taste, since the latter had given him a great service by revealing a very old oracle according to which the son he would have of Thetis would be more powerful than him. And dethrone it. Prometheus possessed the gifts of a fortune teller. It was he who told Heracles the media to get gold. This gift of prophecy was common for her with the very ancient daughters of the earth, which is the prophetess of excellence. It was also he who taught his son, death, to save himself from the great flood that Zeus was meditating to annihilate the human race, and that he had known.

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