Zara Essay: Key Factors Of Your Success

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Zara essay: key factors of your success

In this essay it was to answer the following questions about Zara: What are the key success factors of the Zara company?, How do your supply chain manage to be a competitive company?, What links do you identify in Zara’s supplies chain?, How can the supply chain be a source of competitive advantage for many organizations?

Zara has developed a supply chain with high response capacity, the company can design, produce and deliver a new garment to dress and put it on sale in just 15 days, based on its principles to close communication cycle, maintain arhythm and take advantage of their assets, with direct, fast and abundant communication and a strict calendar to displace the information facilitating it between those that make up the supply chain, using their captain assets to maintain such response capacity, it is what theZara success

Instead of looking for Zara economies, it manufactures its products in small lots, the company itself manages all the functions of design, storage, distribution and logistics, forces its stores to adjust to a rigid calendar for the realization of orders and theReception of the merchandise, place price labels in the articles before being sent are based on a synergistic system based on three principles that is to close the communication cycle, close the cycle, maintain a rhythm

The center of their supply chain links are characterized by stock management, distributors, as their system is based on “fast fashion” depend on a constant exchange of information between the parts of their supply chain from customers to store managers, specialistsMarket, designers, production personnel, buyers, subcontracted companies, in charge of warehouses, distributors taking care of the logistics the customer supplier relationship, as the relationships between all these points are said

As we know, competitiveness contains has to do with the cost, quality and delivery time of the product required by the client and supply chains seek to satisfy basic criteria of competitiveness, that is, if the customer wants it quickly and with quality thecost is high, if you want it at low cost and quality, it has been preparing for a long time, and if you want it quickly and at low cost, quality is not guaranteed. The integration of the supply chain allows not only to comply with these three basic criteria but with others such as innovation, safety, flexibility, precision, accessibility, visibility and reliability, being these key factors of international competitiveness. Zara’s success consisted of its operational managers focusing the efficiency at the local level, at the same time taking care of production and customers.

That is why when in a company it is organized to achieve direct, fast, and abundant communication among those that manage its supply chain, it is easy to establish a constant rhythm  

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