Yucatán, The State With More Alcoholism Problems In Mexico

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Yucatán, the State with more alcoholism problems in Mexico

Since the problem arose, many questions have been generated regarding the issue, the main issue that is around the mind of the public is the state with the most alcoholism in the country?, whose answer is varied, since the surveys are not updated since 2017. However, Yucatan is in the first position with more cases of acute poisoning according to the epidemiological bulletin of the Ministry of Health.

The abusive consumption of alcoholic beverages is a fairly frequent problem not only in Yucatan but of the whole country. Alcoholism is not only a disease, it is also an addiction that consists in suffering a strong need to ingest intoxicating drinks, it is considered a chronic disease for which he suffers from it, because the individual cannot control his impulses for satisfying his thirstof this drink and ends up affecting himself and the people close to this.

The theme we chose for this essay was because today the media do not report much of this serious problem and we are interesting as important to know the features that this issue has become a culture among people and does not occurValue required, which is why we need to raise awareness so that both the media and the people living in the Yucatan entity give it the importance that it requires, and report the most in -depth consequences that it brings to consumers and beings thatsurround.

The high consumption of alcoholic beverages in the state of Yucatan keeps concerned with the experts in the subject who declare that it is of high need to have actions and strategies to reduce the consumption of these drinks, since alcohol is considered as a powerful drug that killsmore than any other harmful substance in the world both young and adults. This addiction is influenced through the social and family environment, the communication and the relationship of both environments during the adolescence of the individual is an important factor, since in this age it is when the relatives and the people around him instill the knowledgeabout what is good or bad, negative or positive consequences of their actions.

Yucatan until last March has 2,000 cases of acute poisoning because of ingestAcute poisoning index of the entire nation. This number far exceeds that registered at the previous year in the same amount of time where there were a total of 1,776 cases.

The majority of consumers of the State and throughout the country in general begin their addiction in a range of between 15 and 17 years, the main reasons why this dependence on alcohol begins are simply by fun, either to be "popular ”or to feel that they are of age to drink drinks, without knowing that this could bring negative consequences in the long run.

Another reason why consumption addiction begins in youngSee in a psychologic way in doing the same regardless of the risk that could bring with them, since they are in a constant development stage and do not yet have the necessary basis to measure or differentiate what is good or bad.

Mexico occupies the seventh place worldwide in deaths from traffic accidents which are linked to excessive alcohol consumption until they reach such a degree of losing control of their actions. That is why they recommend not handling a car after having consumed the least of this type of drinks and less when wearing passengers aboard the car.

A person who suffers from alcohol addiction is affected both in his health and in different areas of his life, however, the consumer family turns out to be the most affected even that the same consumer by worrying about his health status, fighting and fightingdoing everything possible to make addiction overcome. In addition to that they must deal with basic responsibilities such as children’s care or family livelihoods, so it is very importantthat surround it, in the worst cases, the only thing they manage.

Despite the complete recovery of alcohol addiction, the best way to depart from this is through psychological treatment, as would be the group known as Alcoholics Anonymous, where the individual feels more comfortable to share hisExperiences with others that go through a situation similar to their own, although this method does not fully cure the affected population, at least it causes a positive impact to the vast majority, since it motivates to, between leaving the substance completely or bya time determined by the individual. 

Today the media do not show or make known the consequences that alcoholism can bring with them either in a short or in a long term of time, or how we can deal with someone who suffers it, they simply show it as a problemthat exists and that is serious, but do not explain the reason for this reason or how to help an acquaintance suffering from this addiction. They should demonstrate and raise awareness that alcoholism is a problem that is always present, but we should not let it normalize in our lives to stop it before it is too late and we can no longer remedy it.


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