Youth Crime Today

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Youth crime today

 Around the investigation about youth crime in todaythe existing bibliography, and the implementation of the knowledge acquired throughout the master’s degree. By virtue of the alarming increase in it in recent years, a detailed explanation of the importance and transcendence of the crimes committed by minors, which has become one of the main focuses of study for decades for decades have been provided to the readerAnd special emphasis has been made on the prevention of deviated behaviors as the main tool to combat this phenomenon.

We must be aware that the antisocial and criminal behavior of adolescents abounds worldwide without distinction of social stratum, constituting a phenomenon of multicausal order, so it is valid and necessary to review the factors that lead to these individuals to manifest this type ofbehaviors, then fight them efficiently. Undoubtedtotally socializing and modeler of thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviors. Through the transmission of values, the contribution of self-control tools and emotional regulation, social skills and competences, and in general, raising awareness of these subjects about the benefits of the existence of a peaceful coexistence and an adequate projection in the future as beings as beingsuseful to society, is that the success of educational work is guaranteed and the moral, economic and social costs that crime. This statement has been the central axis that laid the foundations for the elaboration of this work, since the objective pursued was to highlight the prevention of youth deviation, as the most effective way to prevent new criminals from arising in our society, therefore, therefore,It can be noted that this is more important than the intervention of these behaviors once manifested.

The results derived from this investigation show that youth crime requires being contemplated from a socio -historical dimension, which includes the analysis of the contexts that have favored the increase in these behaviors in today’s adolescents, as well as the valuation of new preventive tactics that minimizeSuch factors that trigger the phenomenon subject to study. The creation of new social assistance programs, and the application and improvement of existing ones, the orientation to families and the inclusion of educational activities in schools, together with the active participation of all entities of the community in activitiesproductive, leisure and distraction, self-help, etc., constitutes the starting point for the eradication of these behaviors. According to this premise, we as a society, we must be clear that we can help modify the tendency of a crime of minors, and for this it is vital that we understand that if the boys feel excluded, marginalized, lacking opportunities for protection andDevelopment of their capacities, among other factors, are exposed to becoming rebel, maladje.

As a conclusion, I end saying that with the substantial reduction of external factors that condition deviant behaviors, the risk of manifesting these behaviors in adolescents will decrease considerably, and we will be closer to finding part of the balance and tranquility that our society so much so muchneeds to;So fostering a awareness of values and working on prevention are the main tools that we must reinforce.                 

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