Young People Disabled In Dance

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Young people disabled in dance


In search of highlighting the importance of incorporating young people with disabilities in the field of dance, there is a marked intention of collecting real information that allows them to be known and that can be developed throughout the research raised through our tour formative in the dance area, during these last years, and thus import the place that these special young people must occupy in society. It should be noted that during the research and development of the subject we could detect that there are weaknesses that have been faithfully becoming strength.


The satisfaction of the expected, lived and enjoyed with great pride. Still mentioning the willingness and attitudes, to achieve success and achieve above all that motivation and excellent communication between students and students reign. During the development of work I have concluded as follows: the good relationship and approach of students to the knowledge of body movement mechanics and their expressive possibilities. The creation of sequences in movements with support of stimuli to people with disabilities. Commitment of dance professionals around the identification of body movements and good relationship with culture.

At the time of transmitting knowledge. Training and training on dance to people with disabilities, for the strengthening and inclusion of these people in society. Good dedication to offer people in special conditions, according to their artistic abilities and skills, the knowledge necessary for adequate and domain of dance. Stimulate people with disabilities in the arts, contributing to boost creativity, equity and good acceptance in our country. Take courses every year to strengthen the knowledge of dance professionals and offer greater knowledge to people with disabilities.

In addition to traditional essays and classes, workshops and knowledge symposia. Get in execution what learned in classes, activities, events and shows that highlight their artistic values ​​and recognitions of dance, as well as our human equity and equality, in our country and the world. I have been able to recognize some weaknesses that we can change for existing strengths when making an evaluation about the methodology implemented for the formation of a dancer. In this route we observe influential factors in the methodological technical assimilation itself. 

Throughout it, it has become aware that in the artistic formation of a dance dancer not only the perfect domain of an impeccable technique is necessary; The techniques are a fundamental part of the integral development of an artist, aspects that in many cases escape the knowledge of the teacher. In this research, the development and progress that the Dominican Republic has experienced in the teaching and dedication of dance to people with disabilities is expressed, through appropriate techniques, much patience and considerations, much work, passion in what is done; among other things that are complementary when pursuing the proposed objectives, 


With the intention of being a guide and example to follow for the student, without mentioning choosing an environment where motivation and good communication between students and teacher reigns. I will finally refer to the conclusions, what has already been mentioned in the hypothesis, about whether the teachers or dance professionals properly use the methodology and tools for teaching dance to people with disabilities, the result is affirmative, but there is A more important part that the techniques, tools and methodology, is the human, love and heart that is delivered when teaching and seeing results that satisfy, not only the professional, but the same dancer and his relatives.  

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