You Never Stop ‘The Meaning Of The Nike Logo

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You never stop ‘the meaning of the Nike logo

At present there is no person who not heard from the Nike brand, the Nike company is one of the best footwear and sporting manufacturers in the world, its very characteristic phrase Just do it, in Spanish it means simply do it, createdA great impact on consumers of this sports brand.

This company was founded in 1968 by Phil Knight, its name was based on the Greek goddess of the ‘Niké’ victory. But until 1971 when Nike’s name was named. In its first 3 years of existence the brand called ‘Blue Ribbons Sports’.

This book tells us about the beginnings of the Nike company and the story of the founder Phil Knight, thus he managed to position himself in one of the largest companies in the world, all the obstacles that had to pass to achieve the great empire that is the brandnowadays;

The road begins

The book tells us about a young university athlete fond of running every day, with the age of 24 originally from the city of Oregon, at the end of university decides to start a trip through different countries of the world to learn about their cultures;Then he asks his life what is what I want to do? That I believe in my opinion that it is the question that every human being is asked in his life at some point, because he terrifquality and import them from Japan.

This idea came up for the first time while I was at Stanford Business School. At that time, neither his teachers, classmates or even his father thought a lot that this idea would be successful;But that did not stop Phil, who traveled through the sea to sell his proposal to Japanese businessmen. I did not expect the launch to be a success, but it was. During the next months, Phil would sell Japanese shoes outside the trunk of his car its first 300 pairs.

After ensuring the deal with Onitsuka, Phil traveled around the world. During his trips, he found a lot of inspiration through the things he saw and experienced. Much of what he learned about the cultures he explored would influence him later in life. For example, Phil was particularly inspired by Greek acropolis. He found himself in front of the Nike temple, the goddess of victory, for hours and hours and hours.

Many people have someone in their lives that inspires them either a brother, a friend, a father who respect him and value him. For Phil Knight, this person was his former athletics coach, Bill Bowerman, who later became his partner.

When Phil ran to Bill, it was the unofficial guinea pig of his coach. Bill was always experiencing to see how small changes in footwear would affect the performance of his athletes. To do so, he would tear his shoes and put them together using any material that thought he would make the shoes an asset and not a mere need.

Its main objective was to make the shoes as light as possible, a characteristic that would later become a registered brand of the Nike brand. Bill was so obsessed with this goal that once used cod skin instead of leather to make a couple of lighter shoes, just imagine going to the gym to make your routine wearing beautiful fish shoes and just imagine the smell of combined fishWith the smell of foot sweat, I think it is not very nice.

When Phil returned from Japan, he went to see Bill and asked him to associate with him in Blue Ribbon. Bill agreed and Phil began his great dream. He began to believe that his idea could be successful.

The time was again key. When Blue Ribbon was in his childhood, Bill’s coach was gaining strength. I was even training future Olympic athletes. When he modified imported Tiger shoes for his star runners, Bill helped give the brand more exhibition, helping Phil sell more peers.

Phil also sent the first modified footwear prototype of Bill, El Cortez, to Onitsuka, suggesting that the company manufactured these new and proven shoes, in addition to being very comfortable for sports or any physical activity.

Onitsuka agreed, and Cortez was the first sales success of Blue Ribbon. In this way, Bill helped the young company to be successful. However, the continuous success of Blue Ribbon thanks in large part to Phil’s employees because they were efficient and very bright.

As Blue Ribbon grew, Phil formed a team of reliable people who in turn trusted him, thus giving employment to a group of people which were gaining both parties;But Blue Ribbon workers were not their current corporate types. Instead, they were a group of brilliant misfits that formed a great team.

They may have worked so well because they were mained. This data allowed each team member to see beyond the defects of a co -worker;Thus the work environment became more comfortable for both parties.

From the beginning, all Blue Ribbon employees believed in Phil and their goal. The company’s first full -time employee, Jeff Johnson, worked tirelessly, designing innovative shoes with Bill Bowerman, were his most efficient employees at that time that the company was barely starting. To keep the Blue Ribbon team strong, several times a year Phil would carry out his version of a weekend of team construction that he called "Buttphass".

In this event, everyone could shout before getting drunk. It was a reminder that no one was too important to be mocked. However, the shouts of drunks were not the only way Phil maintained moral. He also involved his team in many decisions of the company, that measure was very ingenious since you could vent, imagine being able to shout everything you think or bothers you from your tedious co -worker.

When it came to daily work, Phil followed General Patton’s words: “Don’t tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them surprise him with his results ". That should apply all companies because they repress the creative ideas of their employees and do not let their ideas flow, same ideas that can help improve the company.

Phil, for example, never told Jeff Johnson how to do his job;He never gave Jeff a difficult time to send innumerable letters, with topics that went from advertising questions to poems to jokes.

Phil included his team when it was also necessary to make more important decisions. In 1971, it was decided that the company would stop selling onitsuka shoes and began to do its own. However, the Blue Ribbon brand was not suitable for this movement, so it was necessary to develop a successor company. Instead of marking this new business himself, Phil asked his employees to suggest names for him. Surprisingly, the name Nike arrived at Jeff Johnson in a dream. Phil followed him, remembering the impression that Nike’s temple had caused him so many years ago in Athens, this is the origin of the name thanks to the temple of the Greek goddess which he visited on his discovery trip.

The problems begin

Many successful entrepreneurs know that fame and fortune are always persecuted by obstacles and difficulties, as well as the multiple demands that the company suffered as the years passed. Specifically, for Phil Knight, two important demands threatened to stop their dry career.

The first arrived in 1973 when Onitsuka triedenvy because seeing that they are producing their own products and they would no longer be their suppliers.

To defend himself, Blue Ribbon sued Onitsuka in the United States for breach of contract and for registered trademark infraction. Blue Ribbon had an exclusive contract to distribute Tiger’s athletics line in the United States. However, Phil had an informant in Onitsuka, who informed him that an Executive from Onitsuka was planning a trip to the United States in search of a replacement distributor;Knowing this information, Phil changed his focus to build his new company, Nike.

In the end, the lawsuit resulted in a favorable trial for Blue Ribbon. The judge said that his decision was based on which of the two companies was more honest, and that in this particular case, Blue Ribbon was the most honest partner. Onitsuka received the order to pay damages, this was the first demand and the first big blow for Phil but this was only starting.

The second arrived in 1977, when they told Nike what owed $ 25 million to the government. Imagine this amount of money when you see that your business is barely flourishing and doing fruits.

It all started when Nike competitors in the United States, Keds and Converse, worked together to discover a dark customs law called the Sale Price Law of the United States, for which certain types of shoes would incur significantly higher customs tariffs. And of course they accused Nike of raping him, there are high. But Phil was not going to give up without fighting. His belief that Nike was innocent helped Phil overcome the stressful situation.

While Phil wanted the government to withdraw its claim completely, it finally took the recommendation of a trusted advisor and, as a diplomatic gesture, the claim for 9 million resolved a considerable amount, but lower than the one requestedBut still it was a hard blow for your company because it becomes 9 million dollars is not something that you recover financially soon. Phil felt that, if he fought against the government’s claim with nails and teeth, he would never recover his good will, something that his company may need on a later date.

These two big blows to the company were meant for them because as I said before this company began to grow and provide its first fruits and they already had two great demands playing their door, but all these obstacles served to be more fuete andAcquire experiences, to be more aware and be prepared and know how to react to any contingency that makes our lives.

In addition to that this company suffered from great envies, not only by its competitors even of their same partners, this tells us that betrayal can arise even from the closest person. But despite all this the company got up and recovered and that is what we currently know one of the best companies and more powerful distributors and manufacturers of shoes and sporting articles in the world.

Nike comes out

As previously seen, Phil faced some obstacles in his rise to the top. It cost him a lot. But I know that at this time you wonder how Phil convert Nike in what is now, that he had to do, what sacrifices had to happen to be one of the 10 best shoes brands.

Although he was not always sure of what he meant winning for him, Phil knew that he did not want to lose, everything he had achieved until then, because it had cost him a lotHe just had a goal and was to win.

This was partly due to the fear of disappointing his father who had supported him and funded to make his trip through Japan and also because he thought that the work should be significant. In addition, he did not want to leave his employees without employee and he did not want to disappoint his coach and a partner who was one of the people who first believed in him and did not want to fail him so he had many reasons why fighting and pursuing his dream. So, while Phil knew that making Nike public could solve some financial problems, his desire to maintain his playful and fun business made him doubt it.

To summarize, Phil managed his business according to the motto, "Grow or die". This meant that, apart from the money usedyour company, helping you grow.

This financing strategy meant that Phil depended on the banks, which often rejected the great loans that he requested since he had no solvency and could not pay them on time. Instead of the banks, the Japanese commercial company Nissho helped Nike with financing.

But eventually, the demand of $ 25 million presented by the Government pushed Phil to make Nike public with an initial public offer. However, he was still worried that an OPI cost him the company’s control and its code of unique ethics, transforming Nike into another corporate machine. Fortunately, one of Phil’s associates had an innovative idea of how to design the company’s actions structure to avoid this, ensuring that Nike remained in charge. To this day, the company is proud of its integrity, to which it also attributes much of its worldwide success.

This is how the company was gradually leaving the hole of demands and difficulties that I present, but all these bad experiences served him to contract wisdom and know what to do in difficult situations and thus Nike became stronger, firmer, more powerful, more powerful,And be what today.

Since its origins, Nike as a company has faced the setbacks with the same integrity and energy that Phil always demanded to each and every employees, it is this attitude that has kept faithful customers in good and bad to badDespite the scandals and gossip that the company has faced, it continues to keep its prestige and has managed to keep its consumers captive for their quality of products and creativity when making their designs, in addition to being very comfortable either to do sports or for your day, a day .

The Nike company is now working hard to establish better job standards for its factory workers. In the 1990s, the company was found in the midst of a scandal when a local medium announced about the abysmal working conditions of the Asian exploitation workshops.

Nike rented work space in these factories just like many other corporations did. However, the author of the report knew that the recognition and prestige of the name of Nike would call the attention of the media and, therefore, the footwear company became the center of history.

The company had worked hard to increase the salaries of its factory workers, but was arrested in a country by a senior government official who said that factory workers who earned more than doctors would be bad for the economy, but of course theMedia did not say that part they only said about the low salaries of the workers and they even talked about the fact that Phil flatly denied at all times. But after the shameful exhibition, Phil and his team knew that they had to strive more to recover the prestige and honor of their company.

One of the main means by which the company improved the conditions of the factory was the invention of an adhesive agent based on water to join the upper parts of the shoes to the soles of the shoes and thus not damage the health of the workerssince many of the tires usually cause cancer due.

This was a great development, the so -called rubber room was previously the most carcinogenic area in a shoe factory. The new Nike Union agent eliminated 97 percent of the toxins found in the previous. In fact, Nike even shared the new glue with its competitors, and began using it in their factories, there it is shown that Nike always looks for good for their workers and also for all shoe workers in the world since when sharing their recipeWith its competitors it sought to reduce cancer for all not only for their own. 

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