Yesterday’S Suicide, Today And Tomorrow

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Yesterday’s suicide, today and tomorrow

Suicide is a problem that is gradually increasing, as those seconds of total blocking can be described in a single word "end" or as mostly most say "suicide".

Suicide word that is seen since the beginning of time, a reaction of many things in sequence, we stop clinging to something vital in life, "hope" we do not think about anything or the consequences of your most beloved beings, or inPeople who love you and acclaim you.

We know cases of suicides of many international celebrities so national, I would like to emphasize the case of our great writer José María Arguedas Altamirano just a shot in the temple that perhaps ends a cycle in our literature, simply suicide is escaping from lifeWithout you realize ..

More than 800,000 people commit suicide a very alarming figure per year, suicide mainly occurs due to “depression” (mental illness) that leaves you without any option.

The crisis and the thought of the "There is no future" is one of the main causes of suicide, not being able to face some emotions and feelings leads you to face suicidal thoughts and actions as one of the easiest options to stop suffering.

The human being by nature is able to face extremely difficult situations and solve them by itself, but does it not succeed? That is the beginning of suicide, returning to the case of José María Arguedas, he faced these types of situations since childhood, since he did not differentiate good and evil, his whole life was full of gaps, although he was recognized for everything he did,He could never fill everything he lacked inside, he always thought of others, but never, when for a moment he began to think about him, he possibly felt that something was not right, that something that was part of him did notIt was, that something fundamental was not present, "love".

He simply did not make sense of anything, if, obviously, you can make others happy, but if you were not, you are or you will be, because that struggle ended at a few moments, since childhood and important people in their life,But he fought, since childhood he was mistreated, but fought, since childYou do not feel victorious despite having given everything, because the luck is thrown, those seconds arrive, those seconds when you do not think about anything, or the consequences, the time comes where José María Arguedas Altamirano made the fatal decision ofshoot a shot in the temple ..

Finally I only have to emphasize that suicide is often given in people thanks to other people, "abandoning pain without resisting, committing suicide to subtract from it is to leave the battlefield without having fought" something we do, life is treatedTo overcome obstacles not to abandon them and worst of all we abandon ourselves, if you ever had any suicidal thought let me tell you that you made a big mistake and never commit it again.

If you know someone who has this problem, give strength to move forward, give arms and ammunition to continue in battle and do not give up.

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