Yawar Fiesta, Multiculturality And Multilingualism In Peru.

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Yawar Fiesta, multiculturality and multilingualism in Peru.

At present, our country is still multicultural and multilingual but we do not know how to take advantage of what our country has, on the contrary we say that we are poor in cultures and languages., We people should change that discrimination and support our customs, beliefs and traditions but we don’t know how reflect on the Indian and mestizo people. Our country has diversity and customs and that is why Arguedas highlights the importance of Peru in his works but also makes known about the discrimination, abuse and injustice committed by the authorities that were believed superior to the settlers. Since in this work Arguedas teaches us not to lose our customs and traditions just because other people do not like them, but to continue keeping them.

In his work Yawar Fiesta, which is written in Quechua and Spanish since before the Spaniards the Quechua was our original language that we spoke and then the Spaniards forced us to introduce the Castilian to our culture, since I use both languages ​​as part as part of the dialogue and the meeting of two worlds the Indians and the mestizos or the indigenous and the whites, since before the indigenous were tortured and discriminated, that is to say they were treated as inferior beings that could not be something that slaves, and the mestizos were believed superiors. Arguedas deals with the confrontation to those who believe they are superior to demonstrate that the indigenous are capable of many objectives and be better than the mestizos and thus make the world reflect. In his work he tells us about the Mistis who took advantage of the ignorance of the people, of the cultivation and grazing areas of the Andean natives, the indigenous people finding themselves devoid of their subsistence resources and lacking all the support of the authorities were forced To poverty and humiliation. With the arrival of a kind of potentates, in the city of Puquio they began to live indigenous, mestizos and white. These classes were rarely mixed, with the exception of the Turuppukllay indigenous party, where the entire town converged to celebrate the Toro Corrida. This coexistence, apparently peaceful, is interrupted when the new Supreme Court tries to establish more civilized measures, this resolution incites conflicts that divide the children between those who wanted to preserve an indigen Development, they want to change festive practices. A work exalts two indigenous virtues that seemed threatened to disappear by the authority of the mystis, the dignity and sense of community of the Andean natives. But Arguedas, once again, through the story celebrates the indigenous cultural victory forged through the willing will to keep the dignity of race high.

In conclusion, Jose Maria Arguedas when writing his works, he recounts acts of wealth of Peru and not only the positive, but the reality in this country and in the work Yawar Fiesta reveals to us the incursion of the landowners who protected by government law cleared to the Indians of their belongings, thus changing the economic situation and other related aspects. It makes its readers known about the life of the peoples separated from our country, through this work we can know the cultural aspects such as customs, beliefs, life habits and traditions, which at that time cultivated the Puquians and also serves us to evaluate the cultural change that has suffered until today. It also makes us known the social situation of isolated peoples, where the historical and social evolution of the community is noted, adding first to its isolation and contempt. The authorities, who only sought to make the Indian a slave, promoting the exploitation of man by man. And it teaches us to assess everything in our Peru. 

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