Writing And Language: Crucial For Communication

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Writing and language: crucial for communication

Through language each subject forms and builds meanings according to interaction with others and their culture, its essential function is to give significance and meaning to the signs that allow to know the reality of the human being, since it makes it possible to understand the knowledge of a society. It is a mechanism, through which the assimilation of the social and cultural practices of the community to which it belongs is facilitated.

In the same way, language is essential for communication in different contexts, since it is consolidated in the relationships that are built in society, being an elementary part of the human being since it is by this means that the abilities, competences and communicative skills areconsolidate through everyday experiences. Solé & Teberosky highlight the importance of the social and cultural environment of children as a provocation towards the construction of language;In this sense, the individual is allowed to socialize in the different situations that live, thanks to the transmission of emotions, feelings and ideas that it generates as a social being from various processes of cognitive development and thought.

According to the above, language develops from childhood and throughout the lives of people, strengthening themselves through the experiences and interaction of the individual, thus becoming “an essential capacity of the human being, whichIt is characterized by having a double value: one, subjective, and another, social, resulting from assuming the human being from a double perspective (individual and social) ”, allowing each individual to appropriate and represent their reality internally or externally,through the construction and transformation of said language.

From there, for Vygotsky, the development, evolution of language and thought occur as a result of the social processes of the human being and from social interaction. For this, they use mechanisms such as coding and decoding, which in turn facilitate the exchange of messages, signals, expressions, and psychological operations.

Luria also states that "language is a system of codes with the help of which objects of the outside world are designated, their actions, qualities and relationships between them’;that is, it facilitates communication processes between human beings. Indeed, language is used as a learning instrument, since it allows people to successfully enter the social and educational world to meet the needs demanded by their environment.

Therefore, in teaching and learning processes, language must allow the formalization of experiences, contributing, from the school environment, to the strengthening of communicative skills such as reading and writing, allowing, in turn, the understanding and reflection of the dynamicssociocultural. In this regard, Vigotsky, points out that it is essential that the human being participates in cultural activities, since there can face everyday situations that must be resolved, from an academic training that not only implies orality, but also reading and writing.

Now, the reading exercise makes it possible to understand and discover the various meanings in the written word, to acquire new knowledge. In this regard, Jolibert states that when reading you learn to face texts, question them and build new meanings. This process gives the student the power of interaction through argumentation, in addition that ‘you cannot separate learning to read, to learn to produce. You learn to read producing texts and learn to produce texts reading ’.

It could be concluded that writing is essential for the understanding of language and this needs to be written. Cassany mentions in this regard that writing is a form of human creativity, of making use of language and in turn, is an action to achieve communicative objectives. So, when writing thoughts, capacities are enhanced, knowledge and new ways of reading the world are acquired. 

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