Wrestling In Physical Education 60 Years Ago

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Wrestling in Physical Education 60 years ago

During the decade of Loa the 60s Secondary Schools of the United States implemented a physical education system designed to form strong and athletic youngsGreeks.

The Leprotti system was used in 4000 secondary schools throughout the United States, the program not only had the purpose of creating an excellent physicist but also good Americans believed circuits and high intensity exercises. Coach Stan Leprotti had personalized teams appropriate to the time. What was exclusive in the Sierra program was his students’ group advanced in his program A function of a colored scale, when he arrived in blue it was a real challenge and only 19 students in the history of the school won one.

Students were well trained and guided properly and as this level was more optimal SR increased resistance and rhythm in the first year is taught to breathe properly for physical preparation. The program also made the foot in the qualifications, the care, the personal arrangement. This program was thought about the general population of children although over time it opened so much that father, mother, young, etc.

The students of this program were in excellent physical condition since they knew how to perform each of the exercises and included martial training that included wrestling and yudo. This program was unique since it emphasized the quality of the movement before the quantity and was supported by the parents, curiously the Sierra was nothing new just a rebirth of the strategic methods of previous generations and this helps to program the minds of young peopleTo get higher this make a lot of sense when you understand the philosophy of the Sierra but in 1970 the program was dissolved and was replaced by what we know physical education today since by budget cut and the fear of the father to another World War for the environment for the environmentpolitician of that Apoca was one of the factors of the decline and in addition to the cut presidency of President Kennedy since it was the one that budgeted the program.

In the program there were people who wanted to transcend and leave a legacy since this program promoted young people to be better not only physically but mentally and spiritually Stan Leprotti and the Sierra Hig were an even better example of the character and dedication of their coach to give itThe best to your athletes.

Something similar happened in Venezuela in 2011 all this was becauseThey will also achieve it to obtain parks appropriate to this practice for young people to learn from exercise and its benefits, to have the connection of the mind and body to have better citizens since these are small things to succeed in life

Since the physical form is a vital component of civic virtue since today there is a lousy state of attitude in schools since today in some schools they have even set out physical education

Since to achieve a change we must activate the physical preparation to create the environment in the classroom either support between students or also the support of the same parents as well as it was done in ancient times since it is currently a lost space for thatSports spaces must be carried out to rescue it massively so it is little by little since we must have alive that legacy that has left us ‘is the mind body connection and quality’


That we must realize that physical education is very important not only because of the physical but also that it helps us to make a better person to have a healthy life and give ourselves accounts that we must keep in mind the importance of reviving that program of physical activities of antiquity as wellBe little in little since it would help us overcome our limits

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