Worrying Messages That Transmit Certain Characters

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Worrying messages that transmit certain characters


Momo is an scared character who has already caused several suicides worldwide. Its appearance is terrifying. This has jumping eyes, very pale complexion and an evil smile. The worrying thing about this figure is that it encourages the little ones to manipulate shear objects to kill their relatives. Also to commit suicide. Japan skiing is manga cradle. It is also the country where Momo left. 

The spooky character is a sculpture that was exhibited in Vanilla Gallery, one of Tokyo’s art galleries in 2016. In this, bizarre images of Japanese independent artists were exposed. Woman and the legs of a bird, some friends in a jocular plan began to take pictures and to send them by WhatsApp. Boca-Boca of social networks made these snapshots expand to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. On many occasions, the image is accompanied by a text that says;You will not be able to allow Momo to write to you twice in a row. Nor will you have to be repetitive.


You can only fail once. If you fail twice, you will disappear from the planet without a trace.’The dissemination of this character has been such that the YouTuber ReignBot has dedicated a video explaining that it is difficult to find the user who created this character. Different countries have already sent messages to raise public awareness of the danger of this figure. For its part, the Civil Guard used the same social network to say: ‘Do not add to’ Momo ‘! If you record a number on your agenda, a strange face of a woman will appear.

 It is the last fashion WhatsApp viral among teenagers ’. If you expect Momo to get out of your smartphone as if the worst ‘horror movie’ was, don’t believe it! Forget absurd virals that become fashionable at WhatsApp or. Already last year this figure was part of some challenge. The difference is the way in which he has now challenged. Before it was necessary to send a message for WhatsApp to a number, which is attributed to Momo.

 Another possibility was to talk to him through interactive games such as Minecraft. Once he came into contact, the character sent violent photographs, called at dawn to order tests and launched threats. They are the most vulnerable public. In these, Momo trains children to use sharp objects to end the lives of their brothers, their parents or other people. Likewise, he instructs them to commit suicide.

The videos on YouTube, which mock all Kid content algorithms, begin normally. But, suddenly, the terrifying figure appears by sending those such scared messages. In these dangerous scenes, Momo explains to the boys how they should do to cut their veins step by step. First, you must talk to children. When chatting with them, they should explain the danger of this character and use an authoritarian language.

 The children must be emphasized that, in the same way that they should not talk to strangers on the street, they don’t have to do it on social networks either. Much less, accept friendship requests from unknown people. It is also important to control the access that children have to social networks and games. It is important that parents control privacy adjustments. Also filters and block access to certain pages and hobbies.


In the event that, unfortunately, children have already seen the video and are scared, you have to stay with them and talk to them to calm down. In some cases, in some cases, the intervention of a professional medicine professional is required. Finally, in the following video you can know the story of a child in Miami who took his life, allegedly, to follow this viral challenge.

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