World War Ii In Asia And America

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World War II in Asia and America

Causes of World War II


Causes in Asia

In 1853 when Mathew Perry, the American Commodore arrived in the Japan archipelago he stopped being isolated from the world and the United States pressed him to open a foreign trade. Powers from Europe arrived and signed commercial treaties with Japan, this caused Japan to have both economic and political instability, this triggered in the fall of the Shogunatu Tokugawa that ruled Japan over 260 years, then a new stage called Restoration Meiji began, of thisJapan way modernized and created a modern armed force.

Very soon Japan also wanted to expand just like the European colonies, this was how he triedAnd also joined the island of Formosa, the Island Pescadores and the Liaodong Peninsula. This did not seem like the European powers and Japan had to deliver Liaodong to Russia, but received good compensation. Some time later Japan tried to improve his military field and attacked Naval Fleets in Russia in Korea starting the Russian-Japanese war.

The United States began to get more involved in Japanese trade, until each country began to win several wars against different countries, for this reason each one was gaining more and more territories and was increasingly influencing in different countries so they began to see themselvesAs enemies.

Another of the causes of World War II in Asia was the Second Sino-Japanese War and all its background.

Causes in North America

The most notable causes in the United States were few since the United States were like a neutral country since they did not directly support any, but still the balance leaned a little towards the side of the allies, the first and most important cause wasThat thanks to the crack of the 29 United States he had many losses and stopped making loans to Germany, which greatly affected Germany since this was too devastated after the war the second cause was that Japan attacked its base in Pearl Harbor during theWar and that unleashed the forces of the United States .

Causes in Latin America

When the drop in the stock market occurred there was a big problem with the world economy, exports and imports were therefore reduced by this was a problem that greatly affected Latin America’s countries since their economy was closely linked to external trade and thanks toThis fall lost the financing of the United States as it canceled loans to these countries.

On the other hand there was a fall in raw material prices which attracted more problems to Latin American countries since these were one of their exports, in addition to this all coins worldwide suffered a devaluation that only attracted more problems.

According to “Pendular militarism always causes a redistribution of income and new social realities. The coups produced by the armed arm of the state apparatus are the ‘coups’ against social sectors whose weight limited autonomy."

Asia in 1939 to 1944


Japanese Indochina occupation

The Empire of Japan wanted to expand. China was in a civil war, was the battlefield of Japanese armies.

According to Wikipedia “the Soviet victory in the battle of Khalkhin Gol had pushed the Empire of Japan to abandon the aspirations of the Guandong army in Mongolia and Siberia, and try to expand in the south."

After the allies are defeated in the battle of France that occurred in June 1940, Japan focused on the French and Dutch colonies that were unprotected.

Japan forced Vichy’s colonial government to let the airports of the Tonkín sector use with the aim of preventing assets from the Kuomintang from Indochina. Vicky’s French colony refused, but could not prevent Japanese entry in 1940. However, France continued to rule and Japan limited the sector to the north of what is currently Vietnam.

The United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands were worried because Japan’s influence in Asia grew rapidly, so they applied an economic blockade. They also prevented the entry of metal and other raw materials. In addition, they disabled the passage of Japanese boats through the Panama Canal. Thanks to this Japanese external trade decreased by 79% and oil imports fell 89%. As Japan was at war with China, the lack of fuel was not particularly an option when it was becoming a world power.

Then Japanese military set out to end the powers that had isolated them. They planned an onslaught against Dutch Eastern Indies, British Hong Kong, Philippine Commonwealth, Northern Borneo, Colonias del Strait (Singapore) and Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and January 1942. This is how Japan entered World War II, in this way the problems between Europe and Asia became a world conflict.

In this period, Asians considered the loss of France in Europe as a colonial fragility.

According to Wikipedia: “The Japanese secretly supported these independence groups, however, two uprising of this type in Vietnam in 1940 were crushed by the French forces."

In May 1941 a victorious movement called Viet Minh, directed by Nguyen Ai Quoc arose.

Franco-Tailandesa war

This war lasted from November 1940 to February 1941.

Until June 24, 1939 Thailand had been the ancient kingdom of Siam, at that time he was under the domain of General Pibun Songkram, who rose to power in 1932 because of a coup d’etat in opposition to the absolute monarchy of the kingPrajadHipoj.

The recent government, military, quickly began to renew the nation, with a lot of foreign support;A development that thanks to some Japanese officers understood the Armed Forces a lot. The implementation of the "Yuvachon", an organization with some similarities with the Hitler youth began to place weapons in young people since 14 years, this would allow the army to extend 50.000 to 250.000 men, this in the case of the Terrestrial Army.

As for the Navy, it was also improved, with the arrival of new ships, it became a local power, which was mainly in Thonburi and Sri Ayuthia, they were two armed and armored coast -up.

Where more effort was put on the Air Force, he gathered around 300 devices of all kinds especially American or Japanese.

The regime of General Pibun Songkram, based on Italy’s fascism and with a large xenophobic factor wantedIndoChina.

After the expiration in May-June 1940 to the army of Germany, the Metropolis France neglected a lot of its lands in the east because it had nothing to favor them. This next to Japan’s pressure for Langston’s accident, when the Japanese obtained permission to implement bases in the colony, gave value to General Songkram to make a secret lineto France.

There were strong pressures in September, October and November especially in the air where the Thai. The colonial government tried to prevent major damage from asking for the intervention of the United States especially when on October 20 Thailand ordered general mobilization. The Americans could not do anything about it, they could not oppose the pressure of Japan in that sector.

The war broke out on November 28. According to the Bangkok government, France began bombing Nakhom Panon, wounding 6 civilians, it was an aggression that was only possible to answer with war.

British disaster in Malaysia

On December 5, 1941, two days prior to the attack by Pearl Harbor, a Japanese group formed by transports and escort ships directed by General Tomoyuki Yamashita, left Saigon to the south of Thailand. On December 8, the landing of North of Malaysia began and some key points of Thailand were dominated by Japan even north in Samut Prakan.

The British endurance, commanded by the general Arthur Ernest percival was superior to the expected one, the Japanese landing was threatened. However, when the Japanese reorder the British positions and captured the single airfield. The RAF of Southeast Asia was demolished by Japanese because they did not have sufficient protection by undervalue the enemy force.

Having controlled the aerial part, Japan managed to control the earth’s part. The British "strength" came out on December 8 to ram the ships that helped the landing of Japan. In the battle of the Gulf of Siam, the strength Z attacked by bombing of Japan and several battles were sunk. The British delivered territory simply in Malaysia.

On January 31, the British forces were fortified in Singapore, had been considered unconquerable. Japan attacks via land and the percival general surrenders on February 15, in this way they captured 130.000 soldiers from Great Britain.

Operations in the Indian Ocean

  • Japanese incursion into the Indian ocean

Japan left the ocean indicated on February 26 with the purpose of defeating the Naval Fleet of Great Britain.

Japan, commanded by Ciuchi Nagumo had more naval force than Britain, commanded by James Sommerville. Although Sommerville knew that there were Japanese ships in Ceilán, he sent most of his ships to the Maldives, while his HMS Hermes hinders sent him to Trincomalee in Ceylon, he was escorted by two heavy cruises and a destructive.

On April 5, 1942, the Japanese Air Force with some of its aircraft survived Ceilán until they found the Naval Base of Great Britain, when they found it, they sank two warships and also the cruises that escorted HMS Hermes Hermes.

On April 6, the British fleet tried to reach the Japanese for them could escape very easy from that place, so the Fota of Great Britain had to go to the Maldives the next day to repost. On April 9 Japanese planes overwhelmed the Trincomalee part, when they found HMS Hermes attacked him and sank, along with the destroyer who escorted him.

After the British were defeated it was clear that Britain had underestimated Japan’s power very badly in the military part. Great Britain had to go to Kenya where they were no longer threat to the Japanese.

  • Battle of Madagascar

The war began on May 5, 1942. It was an onslaught of distraction to the east. Vichy’s forces, directed by Armand Léon Annet had approximately 8.000 troops, 6.000 were from Madagascar. They had mild air forces and naval as well as outdated. They were in Diego Suárez’s area. After violent clashes, Diego Suarez gave up on May 7, and Vichy’s main forces moved away south.

The enmity were low for a few months. In the summer of 1942 two British infantry brigades were taken to India. On June 22, British troops from Africa arrive, on September 10 they landing in Majunga to launch attacks from the allies before the rainy season.

Allied forces progressed slowly, in addition some obstacles they had were small -scale clashes with rival forces, there were also obstacles on roads by Vichy soldiers. The allies got several cities in the capital. On November 8 Annet gave up near Ilhoshy. The allies had to tolerate a landing in Diego Suarez in addition to a large number of dead and injured. The Japanese could make movements to the west which convey the Japanese incursion into the Indian ocean .

America in 1939 to 1944


Political situation

His political situation was very clear during these years in which Russvelt ruled, his government became stronger and was recovering. Laws such as the New Deal bonus were applied that helped people who lost it all the crack of 29, since after this several homeless arose and thanks to the attack to Pearl Harbor USA he made a commercial embargo on Japan

In these years its population was not in their best years but neither in the worst, they were overcoming and recovering trade and trying to increase their economy to return to before, many people were left without work and homeless, there were many demonstrations butLittle by little he composed .

Economic situation

In these years the economic situation was a bit complicated since the United States was recovering from the crack of the 29that left the great war.

Therefore, if the United States economy fell, the economy of European countries with which it had a contract also fell, while its population many people were left without work and lost many things for the crack of 29 therefore USA wasaware that it would remain neutral in the war but what if he did was to help with money and weapons the countries of allies .

Social situation

In these years its population was not in their best years but neither in the worst, they were overcoming and recovering trade and trying to increase their economy to return to before, many people were left without work and homeless, there were many demonstrations butLittle by little he composed .


North America remained neutral since they thought that war was only between European countries and were not on the side of any side, although the government supported allied countries, it remained like this until Japan complied with the Pearl Harbor base in Hawaii and usesHe had to face Japan, the Mid Way war was called in which the United States came out as winners.

Consequences of World War II


Consequences in Asia

Japan ended up surrendering against the Communist Party, two days later he had to deliver the island of Formosa to China. On the other hand, more south in Malaysia the British returned to unify the 12 states in the Malaysian Union, but when doing this they took power from the sultans, but this did not like the population for which they had to make changes.

On September 2, 1945, the surrender ceremony was carried out in which General Umezu Yoshijiro signed the surrender document by Japan and General MacArthur on behalf of the United States. After the ceremony, General MacArthur issued the order for the acceptance of Japanese surrender by allied forces in East Asia.

Consequences in North America

According to Exordio.COM: “The war cost the United States 84 thousand 500 million dollars only for the manufacture of armaments, of which a huge amount went to the hands of the allied countries, including the Soviet Union."

At the end of the war, the United States became a leading country in the western world this in the political-ideological and economic-social aspects, this because I do not accept left-wing policies, nor the electorate who defended conservative sectors. In addition to the fact that due to the war there was an industrial growth that made it necessary to increase labor, because of this the United States again contributed with the reconstruction of Asia and Europe since due to the growth of the industry it had an enrichment between 1940 to1944.

This war transformed the United States as it changed its social structure because it had to incorporate millions of women and blacks into industrial work, and because of this it was possible to become a world power.

Consequences in Latin America

After World War II, Latin American countries get more involved in foreign trade and industrial promotion, but this unfortunately brought a dependency of Latin American countries with external exports which will bring problems later. The reasons they had to get more involved were the insufficiency of national markets, the competition of international products and finally the division of the world by communist and capitalist parties.

In addition to the United States offered to all Latin America to increase their development, so they had to sign an agreement on being part of the capitalist economy, this was accepted by most countries.

During the Brazil war, he had to pay his debts with the United States since he contributed with 331.6 million dollars of help and a large amount of war material among which were more than 1100 airplanes of various types, in exchange for theseThe United States loans received huge amounts of raw materials and at very low prices, in addition to access to military bases in the extensive Brazilian territory, for the use of allies.     

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