World War Ii And Subsequent Cold War

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World War II and Subsequent Cold War


Fascism arose between the first and Second World War, developing dictatorship regimes aimed at solving the problems that the European continent had raised, after having endured a very hard war.

This is the case, of Mussolini’s Italy and its "fascist" regime, and Hitler’s Germany, and its "Nazi" regime. Although they had positive aspects, the fact of being based on one person, made this disappear, the entire political building spoiled. In addition, their best realization were public works and decisive support to the industry of their respective countries, which made possible the economic progress of their states.

In conclusion, we could emphasize that the event that resulted in the formation of these political and ideological systems, were the impositions of defeat after the signing of the Versailles Treaty, which reduced the position of both countries, both from Germany and Italy, from Italy,To simple European pawns. It should also be noted that, even if they had their positive points within their ideology, it does not take away the fact that great genocides were carried out, in order to maintain the suspicious pole of blood cleanliness, thus getting rid of any person who had Jewish blood.


This situation happened between the first and Second World War, due to the lack of planning and the economic imbalance raised in the United States due to the despair that investors enter more and more money, they are revealed in the so -called "Black Friday",In the New York Stock Exchange, in which the quotes crumbled.

What resulted, the rise in the cost of living, the decrease in production, the bankruptcy elimination of numerous financial firms, the bankruptcies of 5096 banks ..

Next, in 1932, the American people chose Democrat Roosevelt, thus replacing Republicans. This new president proclaimed the policy of the "New Deal", which was novel.

This crisis, although it originated in the United States, had a large impact on the world, less on the Soviet Union, but we do have news of its passage through countries such as England, France and Germany.

In conclusion, the lack of economic planning, made all the people who had invested in the stock market stay in bankruptmore important.

Second World War

World War II (1939-1945) has been, and perhaps even today, one of the most impact political and military events in the history of humanity.

The first cause of this war was Poland’s invasion by Hitler, a fact for which France and England declare war on Germany.

Later, with the conquest of Norway and Denmark, also at the hands of Hitler, the union to the war of Italy would be given, headed by Mussolini, as support from Germany.

Then it would be France that fell into the hands of the Germans, so his ally England was as a great enemy of Germany. On the other hand, the Russians extended in the Baltic Zone, which was badly seen by Hitler.

Meanwhile at the Eastern Eastern, Japan, intended to play the same role as Germany and wanted to form the Great Oriental Asia, however, the United States would join the war to oppose its claims. This confrontation is survived due to the destruction of the American squad, by the Japanese, who was in Pearl Harbor;Because of this, the United States, launches the first two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when the war in Europe was over, which will mark the end of World War II.

Subsequently, Germany would launch a strong offensive against Russia, but the "lightning war" does not take effect due to the serious difficulties faced by the German expeditionaries because of the cold.

In the West Front, however, in 1945 the landing in Normandy by the allies, and the progress on a Germany that was falling apart in 1945. Later, Hitler’s death would lead the Germans to ask for peace. In the conferences of Yalta and Postdam, Germany’s cast in four sectors is carried out, between the United States, Russia, England and France.

In conclusion, we could say that this war was carried out due to the resentment that Germany was stillof their territories, by the victors, in this case, the "allies".

Cold War

After finishing World War II, the United States, along with Great Britain, represented the "Western Block" and the capitalist system, while Spain and Portugal were under the dictatorial controls of Francisco Franco and Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, respectively. For its part, the Soviet Union led the "Eastern Block" and expanded the communist system in the countries that it had occupied as, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia;However, although the United States and the Soviet Union had been allied, their government systems were so opposite, that various disagreements were promoted.

This war was characterized by the absence of direct attacks between the two nations, although various events supported and financed by both by the United States and the Soviet Union, such as the construction of the Berlin Wall;as well as the Korean war. We can also mention the famous Vietnam War, in addition to the Marshall Plan and the missile crisis in Cuba.

In conclusion, the cold war originates due to both political, economic and social differentiation by the two blocks formed from World War II, the Western (capitalist) and the Eastern (communist), creating a feeling of suspicionOn the part of both, which takes a few years of deep tension between the two blocks, which causes a radical distrust, revealed, above all, in the creation of secret espionage and counter -signing services, apart from an undercover war.

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