World Bank And Its Response In Different Countries To Covid-19

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World Bank and its response in different countries to COVID-19


The World Bank is an international organization that emerged in 1944 with the purpose of addressing financial needs of countries that were affected by World War II. Perform important analysis and experiments related to the development process. The structure of the organization became more complex and gave rise to other institutions.

It provides good information regarding the necessary knowledge in trade and investment issues for different countries in progress and developed countries, which analyzes the economic possibility as financial, through trained personnel and the necessary goods, to build an improved advance andbring them to solid, sustainable and complete growth, in order to attend the poorest countries.

In order to fight poverty, BM has made the decision to strengthen investment in its environment and invest in the poorest countries. He has successfully achieve both his strategies and improve his development problems, since he collaborates with state agencies, non -governmental organizations and has formed alliances with government and civil society.

The World Bank against COVID-19 has taken actions as a source of financing and knowledge for developing countries with the purpose of strengthening them before the pandemic. Likewise, to make decisions related to public health regarding the diagnosis and procedure of the disease, supplies supplies and association with the private sector to remain with their work and conserve employment, a meeting between the World Bank and the Corporation was heldInternational Financial (IFC).

A financing package valued at $ 160 billion, which has been support for companies and their workers, has been allocated to more than 100 countries, to reduce the financial and economic impact. Likewise, the BM has promised to protect poor and vulnerable sectors, in order to sustain the economy of developing countries.


The World Bank and the community focuses on reaching the millennium objectives, which were established in a UN Board in order to reduce poverty. In addition, it encourages gender equality and drives women’s action competition. It has become a highly important institution, since it helps developing countries that they can receive loans and credits for investment in public projects and works.

The World Bank has helped countries that have suffered a great health, social and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. His speed regarding his response has achieved the countries to mitigate the negative effect of this crisis and has given priority to investments in human capital.

Through the aid to developing countries to execute health operations, a high percentage of lives has been saved, this has been possible with the strengthening of health centers, hospitals, clinics, among others. The necessary supplies and equipment with favorable prices and conditions have also been provided to countries.

One of the most affected countries in Asia Sudoriental is a Philippines to which advice on the design of isolation and treatment centers is provided to serve patients with acute respiratory infections and help an extension of their laboratories. India also was given an emergency package of 100 million dollars allocated to the acquisition of test kits, fans, medications and personal protective equipment. There will be a health surveillance control to have a world world system. 

The World Bank has developed a program for the poorest households and more vulnerable people, with the purpose of helping more than 71 million people. Through a multisectoral and inclusive approach, it is discussing the crisis in people in extreme poverty.

In countries like Haiti he has focused on helping to prevent food insecurity by safeguarding agricultural production. An important country in tourism as Ethiopia has registered a large number of infected housthe habitants. Ethiopia projects will be expanded to include water supply and sanitation operating in parallel with the water supply, sanitation and hygiene services project.

The World Bank is helping countries prepare to face future crises. COVID-19 has demonstrated worldwide that it is important.

The financing made by BM in the country of Ukraine has helped perfect the effectiveness and quality of health services, improving hospital urgency so that they are suitable for complicated medical procedures using high -tech equipment.

Ecuador One of the countries benefited by the BM received a free availability loan with a financing of 500 million dollars, with the reason to buy medical supplies to serve patients who have COVID-19 and enable a large number of isolation roomsand intensive care units. In addition, one of the communication strategies is to disseminate prevention and protection messages. The funds that have been facilitated to the country are part of an effort of the international community to support health urgency.

One of the most significant great threats that Covid-19 Pandemia has hadFor pandemic control measures. If these effects are not able to counteract an irrevocable loss in students’ learning, it will also increase inequality and economic crisis in homes causing educational supply and demand to decrease.

To reduce the impact, remote learning strategies have been considered. The richest countries are the most prepared for technological advance, that is, their education strategies are based on online learning, even though this entails great effort for teachers and parents. In comparison of the poorest or basic income is not the same situation, since there is an inequality in opportunities to achieve a better level of education. In these countries, schoolboys do not have access to the necessary resources needed for proper learning, for example, they do not have desks, books, Internet connection, computer, among others.


There must be strategies from countries to mitigate the damage caused to education and transform it into a new opportunity. To achieve the proposed goals of three aspects, the first is to face the current situation, the second must be managed continuity and the third to improve and accelerate the activities that have previously been planned. 

In all the objectives set, the recovery of the situation should be considered but not to repeat the above, since before the pandemic there was a low level of learning, slow advances and a high level of inequality. It is time to rebuild better conditions for education such as improving pedagogy, technology, financing and participation of all parents. 

In this situation, parents fulfill an important role in learning their children. Thanks to the help provided by the Ministries of Education and teachers have been communicated through TV, social networks, radio, among others, recommendations about how to support their children in virtual modality.

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