World Anti -Doping Code And Doping Control

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World Anti -Doping Code and Doping Control

Once the World Anti -Doping Agency (AMA) was created, the need to unify forces to fight sports doping was understood. This motivated the consensus of a regulation that would regulate all sports in the matter. This is how on January 1, 2004, the World Anti -Doping Code entered into force. In simple words, this document contains everything related to doping prohibitions in the sports world. Not only are regulations and sanctions: in fact, the code is updated every year and contains the evolution of the anti -doping struggle.

Infractions to the World Anti -Doping Code

The world anti -doping code is very clear in establishing doping infractions. The presence of prohibited substances and their metabolites in any athlete constitutes an infraction. This includes the appearance of markers in samples.

Basically, there is no need to demonstrate intention or guilt of the practitioner. It really does not matter whether or not he consents the supply of illegal substances. Everything implies that athletes who reprove the evidence can be sanctioned beyond their intentionality.

Understanding the nature of doping, the AMA may or may not authorize additional tests. It can also happen that some substances appear in negligible amounts. According to the regulations, it is in the agency to determine parameters to establish when there is violation and when not.

Within the regulations there are also methods not allowed considered as infractions. That is, the sole intention of Doping could also lead to sanctions. All participation and complicity is also attributable, so professionals surrounding athletes can also be penalized.


The world anti -doping code has a list of prohibited substances and methods. In this way, sports athletes and professionals can know which products are prohibited in sport. Each year this list is updated and republicada six months before entry into force.

Within this list we find anabolic, hormones and stimulants prohibited also appears a list of ‘specific substances’, also penalized, but with a chance of being consumed for other purposes.  For example, there are medications that contain small values ​​of illegal products, but can be used for non -competitive purposes.

Within the code, the possibility that the AMA includes new substances and typologies of prohibited products is established. There is a rigorous criterion for inclusions, which must be based on scientific studies.

Approved use of prohibited substances

Previously the possibility of using a prohibited substance for non -competitive purposes was established. Actually, the Code houses the possibility of ingesting these products for other purposes, such as health. This will be lawful when the international standard for authorizations for therapeutic uses is met.

For this, athletes must comply with a special application procedure. Those of professional category must request consumption before their international federation. In the case of non -professionals, authorization will be requested from their respective national anti -doping organization. In large sporting events, organizers can ask athletes to request these authorizations. If it is conceived, the authorization will only be valid during the celebration of the event.

Anti -doping control

The world anti -doping code authorizes exams for anti -doping purposes. Any organization that takes care of these issues can ask an athlete to conduct tests. This as long as it has authority about its sports discipline. The petition can occur anywhere or time and not only during competitions.

National anti -doping organizations will be able to test national competitors. International federations may make athletes subject to their norms, at any time. Organizations in charge of large events may request evidence even outside competitions, if athletes are registered with these.

List of prohibited substances Ama 2019

In 2018, the list of prohibited substances that would go into force for 2019 was announced. For this year, cell doping was included in a detailed way. Mother cell treatments are allowed whenever they have therapeutic purposes; of the rest, there have only been some inclusions of new substances. In this regulation, everything related to anti -doping controversies is detailed. From judgments, review of adverse results and provisional suspensions.  That is why laboratories, governments, federations, sports professionals and athletes have a well -defined anti -doping framework.

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