Works By Jorge Luis Borges

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Works by Jorge Luis Borges


Mainly, Borges focused on analyzing the Pampa and at the same time present the population of peripheries. In his prose works the gaucho themes are specially prominent, but before all he describes the pampa and the country life. (Bertussi) In Book Luna in front we noticed traces of country life and the pampa, especially in the story "Al Horizon de A suburbio" where a strong relationship between the author and the pampa is noticed. 


“Pampa: I know that they tear you/ grooves and alleys and the wind that changes you. Pampa suffered and macha that you are already in heaven, / I don’t know if you are death. I know you’re in my chest."Despite noticing that Pampa is now different from the wind that changes to him, the author says that" he is in his chest ", where an irrebatible relationship is affirmed. In the story "Verses de Catorce" the author speaks of his city of Buenos Aires as of a nostalgic memory of La Pampa. 

Here is characterized by its presence in La Pampa.“To my city that opens clearly like a pampa,/ I returned from the ancient lands of the nascent/ and recovered their homes and the light of their houses/ and that modest light that urges the warehouses/."In the San Martín Notebook we have the poem" Isidoro Acevedo "in which it deals with the field. Here appears the figure of the author of the author who is in a state of delirium where he saw two armies that were prepared for war (Bertussi).

"And he wanted to join to see them. He made pampa cam:/ Vio broken ground so that the infantry/ and plain resolved could be mafer."(Borges) In 1949 Borges publishes the book" El Aleph "where we concentrate on the story" Biography of Tadeo Isidoro Cruz ". The story is based on the character of Tadeo who was born in the gaucho atmosphere. This is the man who discovers himself and his destiny in the world of violence where a single word can be the only reason to kill a man. 


(Klinting) In the epilogue of "El Aleph" the author clarifies that the history of Tadeo is an interpretation of Martín Fierro. Borges publishes "artifice" in 1944 where we highlighted the story the south. This is the accident of a man named Juan Dalhmann, who is described as a worried, anxious, melancholic, discouraged man. The situation is serious, more than the protagonist thinks. You have to go to the hospital. Due to the doctor’s recommendations, Juan leaves to recover in his family’s old farm, but he will never get there for a conflict with gauchos.

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