Worker Security In The Telecommunications Company

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Worker security in the telecommunications company

The justification of the present work derived from the study of the processes and activities that can beA modality based on teleworking, obeys the need, to ratify the area, processes, functions and activities related to the help table of the telecommunications company previously identified as the object of said orientation.

The reason for such orientation, is the consideration of the sensitive and critical nature that manages the requests of the users, performs the management and solution of all the incidents related to the information and communication technologies, manages the information of the customers, theacquired solutions, access to platforms, the historical activities carried out, and the reports provided to the final customer. In short, it manages everything related to one of the main assets of the telecommunications company what the information is.

Based on the aforementioned, the central problem that enters to solve this research is the absence of an integral and structured vision of the Information Security Management System, which must precede the implementation of teleworking for the organizational modelassociated with the help table of the telecommunications company. This work has been dilated because there are no requirements and security guidelines, which guarantee the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the information, as well as the continuity in the provision of customer service that would mean a modality based on thetelecommuting.

Additionally, when examining mobility problems and difficulties and their corresponding environmental and quality of life effects on the course and dailyTelecommunications, located in the town of Usaquén, related descriptors of the problem under study are noticed, which also justify the performance of the viability of implementation of the teleworking scheme for this process for this process.

Consequently, the present work seeks to provide the study and analysis of the benefits, and advantages of transferSAFE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OF THE 

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