Work On The Inclusion Of The Death Penalty In The Criminal Code

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Work on the inclusion of the death penalty in the Criminal Code

We have considered that to understand the subject of work more accurately, the revisable permanent prison, it is useful to know the origin of the idea, the context of its creation and the development of the same. Focusing only on our country;Well, work could be done apart by comparing the right subject to this issue around the world. Recall that the permanent reviewable prison, as stated in the previous point, is the prison sentence for a time not defined subject to reviews, hence its comparison with the life sentences and the reason for conflicts.

First we have to say that the permanent reviewable prison was introduced by Organic Law;Specifically, Organic Law 1/2015 of March 30, since it affects matters only reformable for this modality, such as the development of fundamental rights and public freedoms. And that it modified the Criminal Code also created by Organic Law, Organic Law 10/1995, of November 23. This reform carried out in 2015 is not exclusive, in fact the Criminal Code has already more than 5 reforms of 1995, although the latter is the most prominent and the one that has generated the most controversy, or the only one in this case.

The Law, approved by the Congress of Deputies on March 26, 2015, and counting only on the votes in favor of the Popular Party that had a absolute majority at that time, it was an answer to recent events and the growing public opinion that it was looking fora hardening of the Criminal Code in certain areas. If we play a devil’s lawyer, we can understand the reform as a political movement in a certain populist way, because this law did not develop long for the Islamist attacks suffered by France in 2015. But poorly thought we should be, because it is understandable that after such hard events and in anticipation of similar facts that unfortunately they finally occurred, it is sought to strengthen that the culprits are condemned in proportion to their actions and released when their reintegration is secured.

Although it certainly also existed and there is a public opinion that demanded a hardening of penalties, given recent cases of extreme violence and general discontent with the action of justice.

This reform that introduced the revisable permanent prison was the first time in the Spanish criminal legislation in which a new penalty is included, which although novel in our law, since there has never been the permanent reviewable prison in our criminal codes, we can find certain similaritiesIf we go back in time.

Specifically, we mean that in Spain, and despite the little knowledge that exists respect;Yes there was perpetual chain and perpetual seclusion until it was modified in the Criminal Code of 1928, and it was the Spanish Constitution of 1978 who suppressed the death penalty that had introduced the Criminal Code of 1944.  

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