Women’S Abuse: Not One Less

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Women’s abuse: Not one less


We have not forced women to live our stories of violence in silence for centuries, breaking that silence is not only transformative at a personal level but is fundamentally and deeply revolutionary at a social level, and it is precisely about what I want to talk about today, It is very common for women .But when we love we know that the only healthy and loving response to abuse is to get away from who hurts us. 

Perhaps many of you have heard of “Neither one less”, the march that took place on August 13, 2018, probably saw the images in the newspapers or in the news, hundreds of thousands of people, mainly women we took the city ​​streets and all regions of the country to hear our voice of protest in front of a macho society. One of the problem is that many of us have a non -wrong idea but deeply limited than sexual violence and this happens for a simple reason, that we do not speak enough about it, our society has normalized gender violence to The time she has become taboo the possibility of talking about her and when we talk about it we do it in a way that is totally mediated by cinema, television or news and the result is that we confuse sexual violence as if it were a way More than entertainment instead of approaching her with empathy.

(Mahatma Gandhi 1932) “Calling women weak sex is a slander; It is the injustice of man towards the woman ”this makes the battered women very difficult for the mistreat. Women think that fighting that abuse situation will not be able to stop man’s aggressions.

In some cases, battered women who are mistreated for a long time create coping strategies to live in a way that they believe safe, within a situation of abuse. Throughout the years we have seen that abuse against women has a worldwide reach and is presented in all societies and cultures, in general, affecting all women regardless of race, ethnicity or color. The reason for this situation is deeply linked to the education received from women throughout history. 

The abuse within a couple develops characteristically cyclically in different cases women are not able to put limits for fear of abandonment, feeling of guilt, who will say family or society, to be a single mother, that is why in Many cases they forgive the aggressor waiting for a change. But we know that it is scientifically demonstrated that man does not change. If he hits once, he will make him several times manipulating the woman with her regret and this leads to feminicide.

(Simone de Beauvoir 1897) “The day women may not love with their weakness but with their strength not to escape itself but to find themselves, not humiliate themselves but to affirm, that day love will be for her, as for the source man of Life and not a mortal danger ”let’s give an example that we would do if the first days we have girlfriends of someone someone would beat us, like everyone else imaginary, every woman would denounce or move away immediately but many times the first abuse is subtle ( Why do you put that, where are you going, let me see that message or give me the password of your social networks, signs that because of the myths of romantic love we take as a sign of love and not control)

In Ecuador only last year there were 60 femicides the Ecuadorian provinces with the highest number of femicides are Guayas, followed by Latacunga with 8 fatalities, and Pichincha, where 7 victims were recorded. A report reported that in 54 % of the cases the aggressors used white weapons to commit the crimes, and that five of them committed suicide and three others starred attempts to take their lives. 34% died stabbed, 15% were strangled, 14% suffocated, 7% slaughtered, and another 30% wounds, fired or beheaded. The feminicides were couples of the victims, while in 37.3 % they were third or unknown. 47.5 % of the murdered women society were mothers of minors and in eight cases the victims had previously been reported as missing. According to a census that has been held since 2014, there have been 684 women killed in Ecuador, for gender reasons, which represents one every three days.

Most femicides are formed by inheritance of a macho culture that, despite educational efforts and generational changes, still lasts and leaves painful footprints and hundreds of lives.  

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