Women Who Have Changed The World

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Women who have changed the world


Throughout history, humans learn about figures such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Tesla, etc. However, there are times that it does not focus so much on women who have changed the world;Women like Rosa Parks, Amelia Earheart, and Harriet Tubman helped and inspired millions of women to fight for what is ours. All his achievements have been because none were trampled by the unjust ideas or laws of the past. The woman I will talk about in this essay is called Sojourner Truth.


There was a moment in history where the people of the black race or women were not paid much. It was around the civil war where many people wanted to fight for justice and equality. As previously mentioned, there was a time where the white man threw aside people that they did not consider worthy of receiving respect. These were people of the black race and women. One can not think that one has to fight for a single thing either for gender equality or abolition. 

But there was a woman named Sojourner Truth who was against everything that the white man discarded as a garbage or simply a thing that a son would give us. That was her, a black woman who was proud to be who she was and who was willing to do everything she could do to do the world in which she lived, a safer place for her people. Truth Nation with the name Isabella Baumfree, however, the woman decided to adopt another name. That name was Sojourner Truth, "Sojourner" because he spent traveling or moving from one place to another.

He decided to put on the last name "Truth" because she was going to travel to tell the truth about the horrible life that a slave had to endure if she didn’t want to die. Truth was an activist who fought for gender equality and for abolishing slavery. This woman went through extremely difficult times, one of them was when her children were taken to sell them as slaves. On 1827, its owner had promised him that he was going to give him his freedom, unfortunately he did not maintain his promise and Sojourner left the house of the master. 

Truth liked it clear that she "Did Not Run Away", which what she did was walk in the morning. Which shows that she does not have to run desperately to be able to escape from injustice. She just has to walk quietly because she knows that her freedom had been promised and she was not going to stay for anyone. Before slavery was abolished, Sojourner helped many black slaves to escape. However, escaping did not assure a slave that his life was going to be better, if he would be protected or if he would be free. 

If they found what they did, it was to sell them again or if the owner found him, punish them. She wanted freedom and equality for her people. Already by 1827 when slavery was abolished, Truth went to court to challenge them, since they had sold illegally and torn from their hands to their son. Sojourner was victorious in his case and could have the custody of his son again. This was a historical moment, since it had been the first time that a black woman had challenged the white man. This could serve other people who lived in oppression to never endure the injustices that have been addressed to your person. 

Interestingly, Truth won 2 more demands. Something that was extremely unusual for a woman especially if she was a former illiterate slave woman. One of the most racist states had banned blacks to the entry. However, she at no time felt fear, she entered the state of Indiana between 1850, Indiana at that time accepted and wanted blacks to be slaves (Pro-Slavery). Despite people telling her not to go to Indiana, at no time did she pay attention to them and continued doing what she was going to do. 

Truth came to have permission to talk to the United Brothers, however, I play a very difficult audience. Some men were shouting that it was an impostor. That she was not a woman, since her voice was very deep similar to the voice of a man. These men shouted to Sojourner that if I wanted to prove that she was a woman who had to show her breasts. Upon hearing this Truth got angry and took off his shirt, shouted these men “these breasts have fed many white ones when the children who had to feed them were mine. 

Some of those white babies are now men and although they suckled my black breasts are much more men than any of you. I show my breasts to the whole congregation. I do not feel ashamed, those who should feel like that are you for forcing me to do this."This can show us that sometimes, we are going to places to help change the world or simply to do another activity and there will always be people with bad intentions that will be or act in a negative way just to annoy you. 

Also, this speech recognizes everything that women can do, that we are not useless and that if we can do the same things that men can also do. I inspired the woman who listens to him at that time in history and still does it. Little by little, Truth’s fame began to grow at the level where many people went where she to listen to what they had to say, there were even people who had never heard a black talk so they were only going to listen to her to see the experience. 

From this she had to take advantage because although they were only about to entertain this she gave her a audience. The bigger the audience more people will recognize her because they see that she has us there again and again to listen to what she has to say why this is how she is. A woman who just arriving at a place could captivate the attention of everyone with just a few words. All his speeches moved the thinking of man. Without a doubt, his words changed and advanced the movements of the abolition of slavery and gender equality. 

There was a speech that she gave titled "Ain’t i A Woman?”(I’m not a woman?) Given in 1851 at the Women’s Rights Convention Old Stone Church, Akron, Ohio. In this speech she talks about the differences between how they treat the white woman and the black woman. He also talks about how those who have more money or power never give the poor, they always want more, and they never give anything to those who help them or those who really need help. In one part she mentions that the woman is not worth the same as man because God was a man. 

However, she refutes that God left a woman, that the God who admired not only was brought to the world by a man, but was brought by God and a woman. Following the same line of religion, Truth defended some of his views with religious words. One of the comments she had said was "Did God not love black children as she loves white children? And perhaps isn’t that God who died from the salvation of one and the other? When the civil war was about to pass, Abraham Lincoln and Truth gathered to speak.

She begged Lincoln to let out black soldiers who were free. She returned to the White House to try to convince them. Eventually, I convince them with their arguments and with the needs required by the Union’s Army, since they needed more labor. Truth had become a symbol that represented change. In that if you ask and do not give up at any time you can receive in return the respect that you deserved so much from the beginning. Where Truth had to beg to be listened to or attended.

Now just stepping on a place for a few seconds, it already has all the attention you can provide. Truth was invited to talks, conventions, churches, gender equality meetings. Sojourner at one point moved to Washington to work on "Freedom Bureau". There she worked to help every former slave will need and at the same time protect her new freedom. This woman fought for her people, but at some point she realized that blacks were taking advantage of certain situations she did not like. 

She criticized the blacks who were living from the government or donations from northern people who just wanted to help and told them not to do so because if they were not going to give them a bad image. She wanted them to see them as working people who did not take advantage of aid just because they did not want to work. All this what makes me think is how women still and blacks have to be going through so many difficulties, especially black women, since it is two things in one that there are still humans that discard them as if they were less than them. 

African Americans are currently going through dangerous situations such as police brutality or racism. Likewise, women still go through moments where men discard their opinions and ideas, just by having a different reproductive system. Personally, I have had experiences for which men mention and defend their ideal about the woman to be a housewife. Likewise, men who try to flirt and at the time I tell him the word "no" have happened directly and indirectly aggressive, from insults to not leave one. 


These types of men do not respect or value our thinking and use something biological as the period as the period when we, as women, we get outraged. Our sincere emotions for them are an exaggeration, a fallacy for their charm or disgust. But people like Sojourner Truth gave their opinion and left their brand to change that wrong thought that many have for security, benefit and progress for equity. 

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