Women Who Broke Paradigms

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Women who broke paradigms


The bulwark woman of the rights and respects of her gender, in considered even as oppressed sex, especially in our world not so much western nations, but yes, the Orientals. But, let’s talk to her, in Western culture. Although women are not created, it is still oppressed in different ways, let’s see. The struggle for her rights has been a real feat an achievement in her genre, since since the Middle Ages the woman has been the role of her more as property than as a genre. They have always served to strengthen alliances, gain territory, until peace flags. 


Roman patricias with good fortune always chose renowned surnames. Princesses were primary as a currency. In many empires, for example in ancient Rome many empires took their princesses and married them with great Roman senators to avoid future wars or misfortunes to their family in their future. This happened for thousands of years was not until the beginning of the 20th century that the woman has had a much more protagonist role in society performing functions impossible to do. 

These papers are fundamental to grow as humanity. In addition, the female gender always wrapped in controversies and fights has been fighting with individual prominence that have had an impact on society. We are talking about the not feminazis struggle, which is what is intended to be implemented now. Positive feminism can be established as follows, the Royal Academy cannot be expressed: Doctrine and social movement that asks women to recognize capacities and rights that have traditionally been reserved for men for men.

This was achieved as I said before with feminist fighters as they were: Mary Wollstonecraft (Woman writer who lived from it, creating the basis for feminist thought of her time). Flora Tristán (her status as an illegitimate daughter and a woman separates her all her life, however an excellent thinker and writer of her time are, in her works the equal thought of men and women is reflected, and establishes the discordant points of absolutism of the man about the woman especially in the field of work).

Hipatia de Alejandría (among his many trades was the director of the Museum of Alexandria an achievement especially for the time in which he developed, drives critical thinking, the Christians of that time never forgave him that a woman was so respected and was brutally murdered just for thinking). Wu Zetian (the first Empress of China under her government was lived an unparalleled prosperity and peace, built many commercial alliances and dignified the role of women in the Chinese society of that time)

Emmeline Pankhurst (the person who created the suffragist movement, a person who was seen as an objective and enemy of many sectors of economic force, his name represents the right of women to vote). Virginia Woolf (writer who renewed the thought of women in society, the early dead of her with her suicide was the cause of the press had crazy and that her thought was wrong). All so different from each other, that is, different cultures and different times, had the same objective to create awareness in the role and woman played and should play in their societies.


Do women program to be exploited? It is definitely a yes, because the woman even without realizing it is exploited by the different media. Both in advertising, where they offer you a product with a frighteningly lush woman and from the toys you buy when you are girls, this is seen in the stereotype of the girl with kitchen, the girl who has to take care of the baby, the girl who You have to play with all these things of exploited women.

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