Women In The Catholic Church, A Silenced Majority

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Women in the Catholic Church, a silenced majority

“A Spanish man San Juan de Ávila and a German woman Hildegarda de Bingen received one of the greatest honors of the Church;The entrance into the select club of the doctors of the Church a world dominated by men.”(World, 2019)

Despite the law, women are still discriminated against in all areas: political, economic, social, symbolic, sexual, educational, work, informative, scientific, sports etc. A clear example of this type of discrimination can show in our society. Femicides according to figures from the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador are more than 60 exceeding those of last year.

Discrimination is more serious when talking about religious doctrinal aspects. Religion has always been wrong with women, so you can always notice a dynamism towards them, they exclude them from all kinds of activities and have denied equality and the same rights as men.

The discrimination of women is a problem that affects all areas of human existence, so addressing it would directly be a matter of an extensive study, which is why I have decided to address the issue from the perspective of one of the most important institutions inThe human life: religion. I would like to emphasize this last aspect, for which it is important to have what Foucault thought about it:

“Power is an action on the actions of others, whether these present, eventual or future actions (…) is a relationship in which some guide and conduct the actions of others, that is, the power not only represses, but alsoIt induces, seduces, facilitates, hinders, expands, limits and can even prohibit ….^

The Greek Empire famous for its broad traditional traditions and myths that was inherited to the Romans, we found many queens since they were considered as chastity beauty and love, fertility, and even domestic virtues. On the other hand, other mythological deities consider women as revenge, punishment, sexuality, hell protectors and the famous monsters. In these empires the woman was considered inferior to the man because they did not occupy any religious position even worse political.

In my opinion, and according to the summary evidence that I have shown, the woman has been discriminated from ancient times and until today in the religious and social. But not in every way, in some fields the woman stands out of men, as for example, they are very intelligent when making decisions since they always think about the future. In the religious sphere we can note that there is already a great advance when trying to eradicate certain aspects of discrimination, the influence of religious women is now seen, for example, some of the Doroteas mothers are rectors of educational institutions of educational institutions.        

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