Within ‘The Invisible Man’ By Ralph Ellison

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Within ‘The Invisible Man’ by Ralph Ellison

Within the "Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison we find distorted racism from other gloom to those we have reviewed with Washington and Du Bois, here we specify that the main character within the plot shows that although it exists it is nothing more than an objectof which a population with more power (whites) oppress and abuse the person. So it is understood by the position of the character is that it is not an important link for the development of the world, of the place where it is. No one makes enough attention and they only ignore it for the simple fact of being black, it is like a shadow of the city. But as the author mentions it is necessary to enter the story, no matter how much the end is told.

Therefore, as a first indicator of "invisibility" is the reality of the same. It is not that man is invisible, but it is a factor that nobody wants to see. Both black and white men. But this is because the black man has always been sentenced to the worst massacres made in the United States and worldwide. Black does not want to be black because it would be sentenced to a series of acts that would end with its dignity. And what the author mentions in this phrase, "at the same time that I left my floor and my ancient way of life, which was based on the false presumption that I, like the other men, was visible" but what I would dovisible, study? To work?, No, I would only make it a victim of a greater oppression system where black was still the most oppressed. But the black being was not the reality of the same skin color but the preconceptions made by the same society in which he lives. Armstrong’s verse “What have I done to be so black and be so sad?”A When Du Bois expresses the difficulty when one realizes that it is the problem (being black).

The second factor is "freedom", freedom is also invisible, so it is difficult to physically define. The oppression made to slaves and blacks impose an invisible desire for revenge and pain. This confusing freedom for this minority, putting together the love taught from pain and regrets called dependence;and hate and resent for them. But this is not really but when the slaves themselves were released found only obstacles to develop their lives as the same as others, so they always found a larger oppressor. Question which expressed t. Washington where he expresses that black is still "grateful" with his masters after the abolition of slavery. We find all this described in the strange dream that the protagonist has under the influence of marijuana, where he speaks with an old woman who cries and laughs for the death of her husband (loved) and her children laugh and cry on the "freedom" thatfound for the same death of the father. But, if we allow ourselves to enter rhetorical figures, the husband and master can be a metaphor to refer to the nation. A nation which promised freedom and continues to oppress the more than others. If we go to the video of “How Can We Win?”Where the protagonist Kimberly Jones in the end mentions that they must thank that all they ask is equality and not revenge, it is reflected in the children of that old woman whose children celebrate the death of the father. Death to a system.

The third point is the "false admiration", it develops during the first chapter of the book where the protagonist expresses "the most segregationist white men of the city praised me. I was considered an example of desirable behavior, just as my grandfather had happened ”Why would whites praise this behavior? As his own grandfather of the protagonist said, they do not applaud that anyone has great behavior, but that black has great behavior, because this allows it to oppress it. That false admiration that made him feel important in the eyes of whites was a simple story or dream. Within the dream that the first chapter shows us, it allows us. In the dream that has within this chapter the reality of the contrast between these two societies is also reflected. Where he expresses white with great wealth, but that is obscene and unpleasant at closed doors, which does the good. While black doors are subjected and massacred, when outside they have been praised for their behavior and even contemplate having a better future without damaging anyone.

In conclusion, for the protagonist, as for many of the African -American society, it is better to be invisible from the meaning of the word itself. It is better unnoticed to continue suffering the abuse day by day. Sometimes it is easier. The fear that is different imposes. What has expressed from the fact of "stealing light" can be a metaphor to the fact of wanting. This invisibility has been created both by the target and strengthened by the same blacks to submit to it. To say that it is easier to live as invisible, for not wanting to be damaged, to protect yourself. Because in the dream of chapter one, African Americans continued to see them as wild animals which you can deceive them and then break dreams such as going to university or simply accessing a decent education.       

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