Witch Hunting: Rituals And Abuse

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Witch hunting: rituals and abuse


These witches supposedly gathered at night in the Aquelarre. In which he presented himself to the new sorcerers or witches who began to Satan and then enhance all kinds of sinful acts such as orgies. These afflicts are speculated that they were ancient traditions of the region in which it was given that with the implementation of capitalism they had been prohibited. This story is told as another stage of the past and is not given the importance of really. It seems that we are not aware of the number of women who are 60000 women. 


The elites instill in us the way of thinking of: "It is not so much" when there are many people who have suffered torture to finally die drowned or burned. To prove this I have done an Instagram survey that, although it is not entirely reliable, allows more or less to know how much young people know about this issue. Do you know about how many people died in Europe for witch hunting? 86% have responded that no. To the question of whether it happened in the Middle Ages or the Modern Age, 62 % have responded Middle Ages. 

Finally, to the question of whether they know, even above, the causes 79% have responded that no. Sadly in countries in Africa or in places like India there are still witch fighters. They are accused for reasons that little or nothing have to do with them, such as a car accident or the disease and without any judgment to torture until death. These women are tied, burned, cut, they are hit, they are violated etc. All this until your body can no longer and die. There are others that, in the style of the Modern Age, are burned alive. 

Some manage to flee and are taken to refugee fields where their community cannot reach them. These fields are inhabited by families who have suffered these accusations and, although there they can be sure, they never stop being afraid. Once in the field they become dead for your community. They even lose the right to vote. They go from being a person to being a shadow and they have no right to see their families and less to return to their homes. When a country begins a capitalization process, the woman’s position is seriously devalued. 

In the case of Africa, the majority of women who are accused of witchcraft are greater, economically independent and safe from themselves. They are women to whom men are afraid, and women envy. Another current type of witchcraft, saving distances, could be terrorism. They keep us looking for secret groups that do not like society and want to destroy it through violence. This while governments do things like declaring wars without telling us and we without really finding out, since we are busy looking for murderers.

Therefore, witch hunt was designed to keep the farmer busy looking for these witches and without realizing how poor his life is. With the implementation of capitalism, salaries fell loudly and the price of food multiplied by 8. The life of the unpricted estates was miserable, almost without money for first needs such as food, working all day, practically without decision -making over their own lives. Witch hunt was a way to keep the town distracted, if they were busy thinking about who could be a witch

Or if they were entertaining seeing how they burned a person still alive they would not be aware of their lives and so society could pass this stage of changes in the least problematic way possible. From the beginning of the story the rulers have been in charge of keeping us busy so that we are less aware of the decisions they make and the consequences that entail. An entertaining people is equal to a town that does not give problems. The problem comes in the entertainment form. In my opinion people are not bad by nature, 

But certain contexts make us get the worst of ourselves. With ancient Rome this sadism began that society has maintained until today. Gladiators’ struggles, seeing people fighting among her or animals until she died was an important source of entertainment in Rome. Over the years these gladiator struggles remained and added the Calvary of Christians who had been caught when Christianity was persecuted. With the conquest of the barbarian peoples of Rome they adopted this taste to execute people in public. 


In the Middle Ages the great show was the execution of the people, whether cutting their heads, hanging them into the gallows or worse destinations. In the modern age this remained and with the witch hunt was no less. The convicted ones were executed in public. In the contemporary age, although we were bringing us to the present this pleasure of seeing people suffer. Many of the executions were still public. However, little by little it ceased to be one of the greatest claims of society. The death show was in force in most countries until the 19th century. From here it was replaced by sport, horse races, cinema, theater.

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