Witch Hunting In Modern Europe

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Witch hunting in modern Europe


Levack presents an essay on one of the most controversial issues in the study of the Modern Age;The arrest, trial and condemnation of thousands of people for the crime of witchcraft, mostly women. Geographical and temporal of this phenomenon;Europe and its environment between 1450 to 1750 coinciding with the entire period called Modern Age. Why these practices and various stories and descriptions on the processes that were submitted to those accused of practicing witchcraft. 


Demon, in exchange for obtaining benefits or powers, women were considered prone to this type of agreements. Impact of a series of different social, economic or religious contexts and separated over time. Or delusions. The author compiles a series of opinions and thesis of academics before this type of event. 

Some like h. Trevor Roper, who defines witchcraft as a symptom of religious and cultural tensions comparable with persecution of Jews during Nazism. For other authors it was then the persecution of revolted and nonconformist women with the social order of the time. 

The author has said a temporary line on witch hunting in Europe: during the Middle Ages spells and enchantments were considered as mere illusions, during the thirteenth century a more radical posture was passed where witchcraft was not the result was not the resultof a mere illusion but the work of the same devil on earth through an acolyte;The Witch or Witch, which must be persecuted this change is universally related to the irruption of heresies and conflicts around them, the Church adopts a more militant tone around the persecution of those who differ in the moral doctrine of the Church. 

The roots of Europe, the Renaissance, the Reform and Against, the weakening of feudal power in favor of the absolutist and other events collapsed. In part of this it is due to the fact that the reasons why of the madness of witch hunting we find the reasons for its disappearance, in an increasingly rational world. 

It is that it recounts one of the most iconic phenomena during the Modern Age, to highlight the few descriptive stories of these processes offered by the author, from primary sources where episodes are reported where in the same day he adjusted to dozens of people in a single population,Often children of no more than 10 years of age. 


Describe in a concise and clear way the causes and facts for the witch fighters. The author describes in a concise and clear way the causes and facts for the witch fighters. 

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