Wind Energy: A Totally Efficient Energy

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Wind energy: a totally efficient energy


Superintelligent Solar and Wind Energy. Solar and wind energy have become key sources of clean energy generation and the challenges facing both are similar. There are various problems that are in this type of method of creating energy: first, intermittency, because the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine, it is not possible to supply electricity to the system in a constant way. Second, scalability, because it requires intensive capital and high disbursement of money to develop the infrastructure in accordance. And thirdly the storage problem. 


The development of complementary technologies such as new generation batteries could be part of the solution. To mitigate the problem of intermittency, Xcel Energy a company in the United States together with a research laboratory has developed software that uses artificial intelligence to process the data they receive from satellites, weather stations and other wind farms in the country. In this way, they get forecasts of very high precision of how the wind and the sun will behave, thus achieving that the use of this renewable energy is more efficient, at a lower cost and is used in a greater proportion.

These forecasts that result from the use of artificial intelligence and Big Data help mitigate the great challenge of intermittency. Until now, this problem was solved using other fossil energy sources that, in addition to being faces, pollute. However, this software allows companies to better provide use peaks and intermittency periods to make more efficient use of electricity and with the help of batteries (which as we will see are already landing in the market) cover the demand almostwithout interruptions. Bryan Hannegan, director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado.

The United States says that "collecting these detailed forecasts to develop a more flexible and efficient electrical system could make the ambitious international objectives to reduce carbon emissions to be much cheaper". The interesting thing about this advance lies in the relative ease and low cost to implement software that allows existing solar and wind power generation plants a more efficient production and lower dependence on other energy sources. Energy comets, mill turbines can be larger or the highest towers, but the problem of intermittency and cost is not solved. 

This is how the creators of Makani, a Californian company responsible for creating a novel technology that aims to capture wind at a height where it blows more force and is constant throughout the year. Acquired a while ago by Googlex, Makani created a kind of flying turbine similar to a kite and is able to capture the wind at a great height. The kite has some rotors or small propellers similar to a helicopter that not only help it take off from the ground, but also with its rotation driven by air currents produce the electrical energy that will be transmitted through a cable that subject to thecomet and keep it in orbit. 


This cable is connected to a small tower that controlled by a software guides comet movements and transmits energy and information. Technology is still in the test phase and has not been implemented in the market. Its main advantage is, in addition to capturing more and better wind, its reduced investment and maintenance cost. This combination could be a great solution for many countries that have the resource (the wind) but that lack the necessary investment to put into operation a wind farm. In addition, it would improve the distribution of energy generation, another problem facing wind energy production today.

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