William Shakespeare’S Hamlet Work

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William Shakespeare’s Hamlet work


During the interactive oral activity, the understanding of cultural and contextual considerations in reference to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is developed, this work was published in 1600 – 1601. In the 15th century / XVI it was a course in which the play had been taken to theater. This work was known for the time (Isabelina) to which it belonged, where the theaters had great value. Not only that, Shakespeare was in charge that within the work Hamlet is a theater of the same type they did, William Shakespeare was born in Stratford – Upon Avon, England in the 15th century who in that season that ruled was Queen Elizabeth,It should be noted that England was not as popular as in these times. In 1539 the black plague was given, it was a disease that was finishing almost a third of the European population,

The soliloquy of being or not is a literary aspect that occurs in Hamlet, who is immersed in existential doubts, but at this time it did not "exist" or was not recognized, but something that Shakespeare added in hisTheater, existentialism emerged from the First World War caused by the traumas that the soldiers of this war had;Have a thirst for revenge, hate, etc. They are feelings that Hamlet had Claudio his uncle, Shakespeare had been baptized within the Catholic Church that has as laws the 10 commandments, at this time the family his family suffered religious persecutions;In the work Hamlet you can see acts such as the murder of Hamlet’s father conducted by his uncle Claudio who snatched the crown as well as dispose of Gertrudis without having respected the mourning time that was kept at the time;Before William Shakespeare dies he wrote a note made by his fist and lyrics, declaring that he was a Catholic and entrusting everything to God as well as giving thanks, although he is the father of humanism (it is the current that puts the center into the centerman and put aside God.


William Shakespeare was a writer of comedy, poet, English actor and playwright. Being considered one of the best playwrights of his time, however, his work Hamlet is considered the most interesting tragedy that Shakespeare could have written, being his year of publication 1600 – 1601. Born in a village in Warwick, in the center of England, Stratford-on-Avon. Hamlet is dramatic belonging to tragic baroque literary current. This work was written to the opening of the Globo Theater in 1599, because previous time this theater had fire in 1613 thus marking the final assumption of its artistic and dramatic career. In that season in London it was for that time "the throbbing heart of a country now completely awake". Queen Elizabeth had achieved a "balance of power" policy. Hamlet is a character who speaks to us from the deepest of his existential situation, debating between good and evil in the paternal love, drunk with lies, blind of love, etc. Thus, with these characteristics, the main character of the Hamlet work is presented, knowing that not only these figures can be found, but also female figures such as Ofelia and Gertrudis that influence the male characters such as Hamlet and the King for their antagonistic development. This is how Shakespeare presents his way of thinking and reasoning before any fact.

The bond that Ophelia with Hamlet has is key to being considered as an antagonistic character. OFELIA. If you like to know, something concerning Prince Hamlet. POLONIUM. Well thought about, to faith! I have been told that very often and shortly this part has dedicated some times to alone, and that you have admitted to him with great plasence and liberality. If this is so, as by notice they have assured me, I must warn you that you do not have a concept as clean as a daughter of mine and your decorum. What’s among you? Trust me the truth. OFELIA. For some time, sir, he has given me many signs of his affection for me. 

From here it can be evidencethey find each other. "Ofelia. I cling to my wrist, squeezing strongly;She later turned away from the distance from one arm, (…) Polonium. Come on, come with me;I want to see the king. This is a true delirium of love, whose own violence annihilates him, which drags to the will to reckless companies, as often as any other passion of how many below the sky overwhelm our condition. 

Sorry. Have you directed a hard word lately?. This appointment demonstrates and affirming that she has a link with Hamlet, the same with Polidio, but this time she provides Hamlet psychological information, causing a not so pleasant climate to be created, and supposedly leading to her alleged love affairs that they had, this can be evidenced in the Ophelia. 

Lord, I keep some memories of you, what time he wanted to restore you. I beg you to receive them now. VILLAGE. Nope;I do not, I have never given you anything, and that is how the self-denial of Hamlet is reaffirmed, as their space in which both are located, or where all the parts that have been cited are cited are closed spaces, which createsAn area of alleged betrayal by Ofelia, because it is she who rebels the emotional state in which Hamlet is, as well as the love that both have to become harmful love, of what was once a pure love andnatural. 

As for the language used in these citations, it is formal, but it is not familiar, much less colloquial;This type of language is used because they belong to high social class families, but the reason why Hamlet and his family use formal language is because they belong to the Court of Denmark. So it does not prevent Ofelia and Hamlet for the simple fact of having a relationship does not mean that they use colloquial language between them two;QUEEN. A misfortune always stepping on the heels of another so close they happen. Your sister has drowned, Laertes. Place it on land, and that of its beautiful and immaculate meat sprouts rags violets! (…). VILLAGE. How! The beautiful Ofelia! Hamlet. I loved Ofelia;With these quotes it can be evidence. The point is that in the participations of Elia is in reference to Hamlet,

The author of the work evades to place in important scenes the antagonistic male characters with Ofelia and Gertrudis. Third Act – First Scene: The King, Queen, Polonio, Ofelia, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern enter, in this part of the work is where the main men’s characters are almost joined with female main characters, and it is here where a sectionIndicates that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern leave, just as almost all come out: the queen comes out, then the king and Polonio come out. 

Hamlet enters, and it is so that the author of Hamlet avoids placing the four characters in this scene, but it mixes two or three leading characters with antagonistic characters, as in other scenes;However, on scene II, even having Hamlet on stage, the section of the (P. 102) Indicates that trumpets and timbales sound. The king, the queen, Polonio, Ofelia Rosencrantz, Guildenstern and another lord of the entourage, accompanied by guards with torches, is where this scene has an exception, in having joined the four characters in a scene, but it is where one of thesecharacters decrease their participation who is the queen, and where the highlights are Hamlet and Ofelia, but in this scene it can be evidencein which he is, that it was the type of theater that existed on who ruled in that season was Queen Elizabeth I and that is where the theaters took value and were called Elizabethan theaters, and one of these characteristics is that it is done inhouses or strengths, becoming personal theaters. 

This is how the author includes in his work. But the point is that he also reduced the participation of the queen so that two could develop. This can be evidenced where this theater entitled The Ratonera is planned by Hamlet to demonstrate, which crime committed the king, and in some way or another it was also being directed for the queen, and a way in which Hamlet could cover his suspicion was interacting withOfelia by starting a conversation, and this conversation depends on the two. Anyway, I can say that the purpose for which William Shakespeare decides to use these characters.


To conclude, it is considered that the actions that Gertrudis takes as are Ofelia are key actions that help and are a form of influence in Hamlet and the King, so that they can develop and in the same way when they interact with the female figures, andIn some way or another they develop, on the other hand, the characters throughout the play are mostly male figures that called two leadonly female figures throughout the work. So I can infer is that they help develop the leading characters, and in the same way with some antagonistic. 

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