William Shakespeare And His Recognized Work: Romeo And Julieta

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William Shakespeare and his recognized work: Romeo and Julieta


This novel by William Shakespeare entitled "Romeo and Julieta" is one of the best known works and represented in cinemas and theaters. Since your plot of forbidden love and undifferences and fights continues among families, completely wraps the audience. Some of them believe that their main idea was to represent the passionate love that young teenagers had; Others believe that it was the indifference of the two families that gave life to the novel; However, I think that all this work has a lot to do with the conflicts they had, but their main cause is bad communication, because it gave rise to all the conflicts that arose throughout history.


To start, why do I think this should not represent passionate love? Simple, Romeo falls in love with Julieta instantly. Which does not make this feeling love, but attraction, which is very common in adolescents. You can’t fall in love with a person, just having a few shared words. Love is defined as a feeling of intense emotional and sexual attraction towards a person with whom you want to share a life in common, although it is not always a whole life. 

But returning to the point, they knew from the beginning that they could not be together which made their interest increase, who do not like that feeling of doing something "forbidden"? I think everyone or at least the majority. Teenagers throughout the novel did not have enough time to interact or know each other a little more. What if families had not had conflicts, they would have worked? Maybe, since having the consent of their parents, they could have a better communication, because there would be no inconvenience. 

But we can never find out that. On the one hand, the extreme way in which Julieta takes the necessary measures to be next to Romeo, are not the best, and once again the poor communication that there were. And on the other hand, her plan does not work and fails, the message that should have reached him in Romeo, I do not arrive on time, so the teenager when he saw Julieta suicide. Also from my point of view what caused their suicide was not the "true" love that they said, but a youth romantic rebellion that probably caused emotional lack of control.

The hate and conflicts that families had, was the cause that triggered the suicide of Romeo and Julieta? It may have had a lot to do with this, and yes, it was one of the causes, but in my view not the most important, nor the main. If not, their conflicts no longer only affected them, now they also affected the other inhabitants of Verona. Due to the tremendous rivalry that existed between these families. 

I reiterate that perhaps the story of Romeo and Julieta may opened if that rivalry had not existed, since Romeo was a good young woman recognized by the people and Juliet a noble and beautiful girl who, one that another young man from Verona would have wanted handcuff it, go that if the young teenagers had not met, because they would not have ended with an end as tragic as they had, because, if there was a rivalry between these two families. What if your plan had worked? Well, it probably could not last long, since the two families of the young people would have moved sky, sea and earth to find them and just like there would have been more conflicts and even more characters from the work may have even.

They are the bad communication from generations prior to them. To start in the novel they never mention the reason why families are in conflict, from there begins lousy communication and hate as a consequence of this. Families hate each other, generation after generation, and this causes the death of Mercury and Teobaldo, granting that they enter even more in conflict, wanting to kill Romeo in revenge. But once Dead Romeo and Julieta, families approach, make peace and see that all those years of absurd conflicts could have been avoided for a long time.

Another point that I also understand is that young teenagers were not going to tell their parents that they both felt an attraction for each other, for fear that there was another confrontation. Made which would not have let them be together. Julieta’s plan does not work as she plans, and both end up dead, again because and consequence of poor communication, since the message does not reach Romeo in time and what happens happens.


Actually the end of this novel is very hard, since in any novel, history or work most of the time they end with a happy ending. And this story could not have been the exception if there had been good communication from the beginning. If they had talked to the capulet and the monteros face to face and have clarified their disagreements, all that could have been avoided. But in short he would have not exists and that story as it is envelops us and changes our image, since it is not the typical story with a happy ending.  

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