Which Is The Postporno And As Defined

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Which is the postporno and as defined

Postporno is a political and artistic movement that aims to reformulate pornography, thus criticizing its most traditional and commercial version. The postporno breaks with the premise of the white, heterosexual and cisgender man as the ‘dominant’ being of the image to achieve a change of roles in our patriarchal society. Smiraglia, in its text "Sexualities of (s) generated: some notes on postporno", defends that the postporno aims to question and criticize a gender system through productions that try to "offer us through different proposals a reworking of pornographic codeshegemonics, questioning, in this way, the sexual and gender stereotypes that they reproduce ”. Therefore, this new porn is conceived as a tool that seeks alternative forms to those already known and in which all kinds of groups, bodies, skin colors and sexualities have a place. In addition, it looks like a mode of resistance to the narrative discourse of mainstream pornography. 

In the postporno we will see and know sexual practices that are not considered regulations, in addition to being represented bodies that do not fit traditional pornography. One of its main objectives is the experimentation and dissemination of these new forms of sexuality. In the study "Sex, Power and CineHeteronormative of traditional pornography.

 However, in order to understand postpornography, you must first understand its context and the areas that are in motion around this. Perhaps one of the definitions that best describes it is the one that occurs in the presentation of Go First Foundation: “Commercial porn contributes to our sexualities since in a certain way it limits, it sets gender identities and sexual practices, defining the sameTime the relationships between the bodies […] In the commercial the penis is their pleasure and the conquest of this over the territories (mouth, vagina, anus) the main character of the work.[…] Postpornography […] is a claim of our sexuality, it is open experimentation to all kinds of people with different bodies, sizes, sexual orientation, gender, degenero ”. 

The first time the term postporno is used in 1989 the hand of the porn actress and sex worker Annie Sprinkle, who takes up the expression ‘postpornography’ by the artist Wink Van Kempen. In addition, it does so in a context of performances that will seek to bother the viewer, go beyond the masturbatory end. One of the best known performances was the public visibility of their cervix where the spectators who looked and explored their uterine neck became the object of Sprinkle’s gaze. These activities aimed to change the roles, transform the powers, and that will be known later as a postporno. Smiraglia explains that the term postporno "refers to a type of production that contains pornographic elements, not only with the masturbatory end of hegemonic porn, but also for political, humorous or critical purposes". And, as we can see, the origins of the postporno are confusing, since the theories intermingle and the dates are dissipated, quite the opposite that in traditional porn. Traditional porn and postporno not only differ in the end they have, but also in their production and circulation. 

As for production, the postporno does not need to generate great profits so that the business is profitable, since it does not have large capitals behind that they need to sell, that is why this type of porn produces the contents that you really want. As for its circulation, the postporno contents do not circulate on television, but we find out about their existence looking for them. Likewise, the postporno enters the basis of pro-six feminism, as well as the porn for women we will see at the next point. 

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