What You Should Know About Chinese Culture

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What you should know about Chinese culture


Knowing Chinese customs and traditions may seem like a small odyssey if you have in mind the extension and number of inhabitants of the country. However, this millenary culture is quite traditional and homogeneous. His attachment to ancient traditions, despite living in increasingly modern cities, makes his study much easier. All Chinese customs and traditions start from a common base based on respect for family and their ancestors. We will also find influences and elements of religion and currents of thought of the country. Chinese customs and traditions in society. Chinese society, despite being much more open than other Western cultures, is reluctant to show physics affection. 


For them gestures such as shaking hand or kissing the cheek are poorly seen, even if this occurs between women. Prefer to greet with a slight head gesture. On the other hand, they are accustomed to sleeping anywhere without this implying a problem. Other customs rooted in their culture are to avoid denial. This means that, as far as possible, they will avoid giving a non -response. Instead they will choose to give a detour and make clear their disagreement with somewhat more elaborate phrases. Similarly, they don’t accept praise of strangers. Accepting them would mean that one is an egotist person who boasts of unproven achievements.

Some Chinese celebrate their birthday twice due to the use of the Gregorian calendar and the Chinese calendar. Gifts are always wrapped with care, usually with a red fabric, and are always collected and delivered using both hands. Chinese society and business. Unlike Westerners, Chinese entrepreneurs do not separate their personal life from the professional. All treatment and agreements related to the company are always carried out among trusted people, whether family or friends. In this way they favor a positive and respectful environment between the parties of the agreement. Negotiating with them is part of a rite of trust and good feelings. 

Negative behavior will be taken as an offense. Chinese marriage. For the Chinese, the marriage leads the list of their social goals. Formerly, marriage agreements were used to make. However, although at present this practice is no longer done, there are many who come to a fortune teller to ask for their future partner. It is tradition that the boyfriend’s family offers gifts to the bride’s family, usually food. If these are received with pleasure, the link can be confirmed. Refusing after having accepted the gifts would mean a serious fault. After the wedding, the bride takes the last name of the husband’s family and lives under his roof.

Funeral traditions. The color that symbolizes mourning is white, unlike in the West. There are many Chinese who travel to their homeland before they die to be buried in the traditional way. They are normally believed that China has used cremation as a funeral custom, however this rite has been more a practical imposition than a tradition. Customs and traditions around the table. For Chinese society, one of the most intimate moments is food. During lunch and dinners, diners will eat and exchange conversations. At the table, sticks should always be used. 

It is important to remember that there is no dish for each diner, so it is good education to eat and try everything served. It is usually the host who serves the food following an order, but will never serve himself. In this way any diner, as respect, can serve rice or drink to the host to finish the circle. Conversation issues are very varied, but prefer to avoid talking about business, politics, economy or religion. For foreigners, food is a perfect time to speak and teach their culture and tradition. There are also other standards of label inside the table. 


One of them is to always be open and willing to talk or provide. Bad faces or use sticks to point out is considered a lack of education. The sticks should not be left inside the bowl once we have finished eating, always on it. Finally, drink is another element of these social meetings. Traditional green tea is usually served, which everyone must drink at the end of food. Rice liquor is also used to drink during food and provide. It is very important to remember that, if we have decided to drink from the beginning, we will not be able to stop doing it until the end.

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