What We Need To Know About The Realfooding Movement

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What we need to know about the Realfooding Movement


In recent years it has expanded, especially in the world of social networks, the term "Realfooding". We have been able to see how the followers of this movement based on the consumption of real food, the so -called “Realfooders’. But we know what this new trend is based? According to its creator, Carlos Ríos, Realfooding is to follow a lifestyle based on eating real food and avoiding processed ultras. Therefore, more than a new fashion, it is about consuming the food "of a lifetime", the return of the grandmother’s pot and 


Food based on raw materials and not products made with infinite lists of ingredients that are of everything but beneficial for our health. Although at first glance it may seem that this movement encourages us to flee overwhelms from supermarkets, where these processed ultras reign, the truth is that there is a category of allowed foods, that although they have suffered some type of processing or industrial or artisanal,These are harmless and / or beneficial with respect to intrinsic health properties. 

In addition, these processes (mechanical, physical or chemical) are carried out in order to make them safer, durable and / or facilitate their consumption. Virgin olive, extra milk uht dairy fermented (yogurts or kefir) vessels of fish and seafood boat, comprehensive paste, whole wheat bread, frozen vegetables. The reasons that can push us to follow this form of food are multiple and diverse. One of the main factors that motivates many to join change is health. In recent decades we have been able to see how they have increased alarmingly, and without indications of reversing, 

Obesity figures worldwide, both in adults and children and with it. Since the situation is increasing and the hand of bad eating habits, where we include excessive consumption of ultra -processed foods, to combat this already considered epidemic, it is necessary to make a change that begins to incorporate health habits and healthy eating inhome. Within these habits or practices we must include a diet based on the consumption of real and healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, lean meats, fish, eggs and dairy products).

And the practice of daily physical activity, which manages to maintain long term both the physical and psychological well -being of the society ultras processed and eating real food, from the smallest of the house to the older ones. In the case of children, it is from my point of view, more beneficial and effective in the long term, since it is at an early age of development when the life habits that will characterize and mark us in adulthood are established. But sometimes, the implementation of these habits in children is not simple, so we leave you here a few tips that, together with the recipes elaborates colorful and varied preparations. 


If we put a pinch of imagination we will surprise them and make healthy foods irresistible. Eliminate processed ultras from the purchase list. Yes in the pantry we only have healthy foods will be the one we will take. However, if we have insane foods, even if they are to consume occasionally, it is most likely that they consume more frequently. Children learn by imitation, there is nothing better to see their reference icons eating and enjoying good food. Infolu them in the food of the house. Take them to the purchase and let them help you cook, without a doubt, there is no better way to know the foods you experience with them.

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