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I have realized that many people live with bandados, in a metaphorical aspect, I want to refer to the fact that awareness is not made about the process that we have around us but on the contrary, only theFinal result without thinking before what entails being able to achieve it then is when for me the management career begins to make more sense since despite not being attractive to many, business issues are wrapped in many aspects of our daily life and theImpact generated by them have repercussions which can range from the rise in prices in different products until they can handle an economic recession. In this way, one of my main interests in this discipline is to be able to know the correct use of business management, one that assumes with responsibility the work with society and that also has transparency to its collaborators as its clients.

However, in order to help solve and understand the problems of society, in this case contribute its development I first emphasize my strengths in fact when I self-evaluated me I consider that my main skills are planning, reflection, critical sense andThe analysis which I apply in different situations of my daily life I also want to emphasize the fact that I have been perfecting my skills as I grew up and assuming new challenges, being sincere I firmly believe that learning is continuous and that the greater the experience is more experienceHave better results can be achieved even when not always everything comes satisfactorily you can learn from mistakes, so I have my mind open to everything new that will learn with the career you undertake and face new challenges.

To everything mentioned above I want to highlight the fact that I always felt motivated to understand phenomena such as globalization, scarcity, migration, etc. Phenomena that are present but that are not fully understood, and that also although they are conditions in companies are not decisive for social harmonization, in this way I know that through what I learn in the management career I will be able to be ableto contribute to society efficiently and fairly that it can be covered as much as possible with unsatisfied, multiple and hierarchical needs. And although there is no unique and perfect solution for a business problem I know that this career will give me the possibility of being able to have a variety of strategic solutions that reflect the objectives of the business, the external environment and the cultures of both the organization and the countriesin which it operates.

Briefly, I want to emphasize that what will contribute to the fact that I can achieve my objectives and are my capacities (analysis, reflection and critical sense) mentioned above but that they also serve to understand new issues for example when I read an article or news;While it is true to read our knowledge I strongly believe that all new information should not be assumed as a true in the first instance thereand the practice of the career because for both work and to give an opinion about a topic of interest or that this causing controversy must be validated the sources we use to be able to issue our arguments since they will be supported with a correct justification.

The next point to be treated is specifically? I am aware that this is already happening, however, this issue is something that will continue to happen since technology continues to evolve and more and more consumes our society. Evaluating how it affects and benefits the business field is fundamental because technological growth does not stop even more in an era in which the consumer has great expectations and wants their needs to be more efficient and efficiently covered. Likewise, the fact that the question I ask is open is because it covers functional areas of a company such as finance, operations, marketing and human resources and although it has brought to these areas positive aspects such as the reduction of barriers to do business eitherThrough social networks or by e-commerce in the other face of the currency there are problems such as unemployment because it is no longer only machines replacing workers but is also the artificial intelligence that threatens to overcome the human intellectual capacity. This is how I know you have to have great expectations about what will happen in the not so distant future, one that should not underestimate new technologies since this is the fact that it can make business processes go another level which isFavorable for some but harmful to others and this is precisely what generates in my curiosity of research as long as the analysis of the way in which business processes could be redesigned but also to consider that this would also achieve a different global socioeconomic environment.

Finally I consider that the management career will give me a holistic approach that will help me to develop in the business world and not only that, but will also give me the tools to be able to develop properly in the different functional areas. This encourages me to be able to analyze the diversity of organizations and business activities, and be able to understand the cultural and economic context in which companies operate. In short, studying management at the PUCP will train me as a highly competitive, innovative and emporado professional whose main objective is to be a proactive change agent for society. 

Free What Means To Live Your Career In Life: Example Of Spanish Writing In Free Essay Sample

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