What Meaning The Word Brexit Has

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What meaning the word Brexit has


The word Brexit is an abbreviation of two words in English: Britain (Great Britain) and Exit (departure). Brexit was one of the two options among which the inhabitants and residents of the United Kingdom could refer to one of the possible results of the referendum convened in the United Kingdom, to make the serious decision its permanence is approaching as a member state of the European Union(EU) or try to accelerate its departure from this organization, it is an ongoing political process for the United Kingdom to cease to be a member state of the European Union. 

This process is putting in check the project of a Europeanist state. The creation of some United States, as Winston Churchill advocated, seems to be more and more the objectives of another era.


Keep in mind that the United Kingdom is a country with many privileges within the European Union and that borders should really be demolished, not putting them, as Stephen Hawking said. Less diplomat was Donald Tusk, president of the European Commission when he said ‘there is a special place in hell for those brexiters who promoted Brexit without a plan to execute it safely. 

The main reason for Brexit was economical is that the United Kingdom has the belief that the amount it contributes to the EU is excessive, considering that there are other countries with a minor contribution that they are making more benefit, setting as an example to Spain.

The United Kingdom at that time was the third member country that contributed the most money to the European Union behind Germany and France. Another reasons is the excess of bureaucracy, documentation, laws imposed by the European Union on its-membro states. In the United Kingdom they use the NIN (National Insurance Number), an identifying number for all procedures, such as to pay taxes, contribute to their healing and retirement pension. They consider the NIN the best option and more efficient for the identification of their citizens, adding to it autonomous regulation about immigration and others.


The departure of the European Union carries with it the end of the free movement of goods, services, capital, citizens and workers, which would mean the appearance of several inconveniences to commercial relations between the United Kingdom and the countries of the European Union, and probablyleads to the decrease in economic flows with these countries, which are much of its main partners. The most investor and commercial ties in the United Kingdom without counting the United States, are with the rest of the countries of the European Union, among which Germany or France stand out. While in the field of investments, Switzerland and Norway play a very important role in this aspect, almost equal to that of the United States and Canada. 

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