What Is The Real Height Of Everest

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What is the real height of Everest

You will not believe it, but this peak, of the highest on earth, grew .86 meters, according to the recent measurement they made jointly Nepal and China. Officially, both countries announced, Everest measures 8,848.86 meters, after they finally reached an agreement on whether to include the surface snow layer. Previous Chinese data said the Mount measured 8,844.43, but in Nepal, their data showed 8,840.43 meters, a difference of 4 meters from one nation to another. The reason: China was not considering the snow, only the base of the rock to where it is ended.

This measurement was carried out by Chinese topographs with these conditions in 2015, after the nepals were pressured by the Beijing government to adopt that height. To end the disagreement, Nepal measured for the first time the height of the mountain with between 50 and 60 million years old. After two years of training for the support of the weather conditions of the Everest Summit, four Nepal Speakers departed to the summit.

Also in 2015, Nepal suffered an earthquake of 7.8 degrees Richter that left almost 9 thousand deaths, caused an avalanche in Everest from which 18 dead climbinists resulted. Geologists and experts think that this abrupt movement of the earth, I cause the snow layer of the summit to be reduced. Fact that has also happened in peaks such as Langang Himal, north of Katmandu, part of the Himalayas peaks, after the earthquake was recorded a decrease of one meter in the snow layer.

It could be, according to other experts, that the earthquake when moving the tectonic plates of the earth, has led to the increase in height. Therefore, from the average sea level height, which is used as a basis to start the measurement, they took the Bengal Bay as its base as a Nepalese reference as its base and built a network of stations over 250 kilometersto the point where Everest is visible. In the case of the Chinese, they used the yellow sea as a base.

The topographs of both countries began to make arithmetic calculations to measure the measurement and, of course, they had to reach the Mass to obtain the total required data. The Nepali arrived in 2019 and the Chinese in May of this year, despite health restrictions, they were the only team to climb Everest this year. In the calculations and reference points, the two equipment used the same method, also using global satellite navigation systems. This is how a measurement was reached in which both results tie and is the officer from now on.

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