What Are The Essays And What Is Their Origin

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What are the essays and what is their origin

The essay is a literary genre that deals with a specific topic, many times the essays serve to express an idea, opinion or argue about some subject. There are two types of essays the exhibition, argumentative or critical. Essays are usually in charge of schools, work companies, organizations, etc. Which is very important to know what is the correct way to write an essay and how to do for the reader wants to read the essay he wants to write.

The exhibition essay serves to clarify, explain or inform about an idea or subject in mind. When making an expository essay, the following questions are needed with the trial content, what is?,  What is its importance?,  What does it mean?,  When did it happen? among many others. Another type of essay is the argumentative or critical essay, this essay consists in most of the writer’s opinion, usually this type of essays are based on controversial issues on which the writer’s opinion can vary with that of the the rest. In the argumentative essay, a position must.

It can be said that there are ten steps to elaborate an argumentative or exhibition essay which are, selection of a topic, research analysis, original ideas, elaborate a thesis, introduction, development, conclusion, references and review. When making an essay you have to follow a structure. In the first part, the introduction is written which gives a small explanation of the subject and that the essay will be discussed. The second part is development, this is where ideas, arguments, information, etc. The third part is the conclusion where there is a summary of the essay, the final purpose and the main idea.

Among the types of essays the writer must also think for whom he is directed, if the essay is directed for any work, or was commissioned by a school, the essay can be formal, but if the essay is aimed at a group of children from primary language has to be informal to get the attention of that reader and better understand the message or idea you want to give them. In the formal essay, humor, sarcasm, informal language, abbreviated names, informal adverbs, imprecise information and irrelevant observations are avoided. In this type of essays the issue to be addressed is normally more complicated such as politics, religion, some controversial issue, etc. In this type of cases you have to be careful with the information that is sought since it may not be true. In the informal trial a more relaxed language is used, expressions such as “broke” are used, future paraphrases are used as “it will go”.

When an essay is made, the writer must be careful in spelling and grammar since an essay with spelling faults can be considered for the reader an essay without credibility or not true. At the end of each trial you must put the references from which the information that is being read by the reader is taken. An essay without references, is a plagiarized essay. You must try to use sources from prestigious institutions com universities, companies specialized in the subject, world -known organizations and Internet pages that are known as true. In general, when writing the trials, pages that end in -.as pages like Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, "Blog Spots", among many others. There are different types of references such as APA, MLA, CSE, Chicago, among others.

At the end of the essay, it is normally recommended to correct it, with this it refers to the writer read again to find poorly written words, grammatical errors or some prayer that can be improved so that the essay has greater formality.

In conclusion, essays are very important in many stages of life, no matter if a school job, a requirement to obtain a scholarship, to receive a job offer. The trials are usually very complicated but doing so correctly having many doors in the future since it is not something that many people can do easily. In my opinion the best way to express yourself is in an essay since you have to argue your ideas that makes you more skilled when speaking.

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