Weimar Republic In The Interwar Period

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Weimar Republic in the interwar period

During the political campaign of the National Socialist Party it was very importantIn that sense, Goebbels created the Official Gazette of the “Der Engrifa” party which had as its main objective to misrepresent the knowledge of the party of the party;which gender as a consequence plagued by nationalist national thinking of Goebbels and Hitler.

While it is true there were other important newspapers in the party, none came to have the development that Der Angriff had, since it was thanks to his participation in the campaign events, it was achieved that the entire population of the Rin and Run knewto the savior that Goebbels sold them. Irving (1996) affirms der Angriff. The name itself had propaganda value, since attacking was what we really wanted. Which generates the idea that even the name was planned to make the difference that the party wanted to develop from others in its "attack" towards the Weimar Republic.

On the other hand, it is necessary to analyze the fact that Goebbels’s main objective with the newspaper was to make clear all the works of the Weimar Republic that from the Goebbels rhetoric were the cause of the economic and social problems that Germany experienced, Germany,Thanks to this, the ideas of the party were directed towards the defamation of Weimar’s leaders to seek the contempt of the population towards people like Goring;“The seed had been sown and the plant was sinking its roots deeply into the community.”(Irving 1996). Thus, we can observe the development of the newspaper until we reach the necessary proportions to be used in favor of the NSDAP, to plant the “seed” of disagreement, which generated the support of the German population towards the “fair” cause of Hitler.

However, as (Long Erich, 2010) the Nazis affirms were human beings. Those who made mistakes among which was the immeasurable adoration of Goebbels towards their leader which gave another degree of misrepresentation to their ideas since he not only spread his lies for love of the party but, for his affection for Hitler. In that sense, when generating an analysis of these we can affirm that the knowledge that Goebbels shared with Nazi Germany was not for the development of the party but also its personal development towards its fhûrer.

Maybe these psychological problems, which are mentioned in the book "Goebbels a biography" by Peter Long Erich;They were the cause of Goebbels to have been the only person close to Hitler who has joined him in death through suicide, however this does not mean that his propaganda has been carried in a bad way, instead thanks to the results of thisAs his appointment of Berlin propaganda chief, his methods such as Der Angriff were very important in the development of the political campaign of the party.

By this I mean that the propaganda methods against the Weimar Republic were very important in the fall of it, since thanks to the lies and defamations covered by truths that the population knew generated their anger towards the Weimar Republic and their distrust ofthese. (Voltaire 1891) said: "Slander, slander, that something will remain". (pair. 19). Which shows us that no matter the situation in which propaganda methods are used, the orthodox propaganda methods that Goebbels played were key in the settlement of their ideas in the German population.

Propaganda after Goebbels.

While Goebbels was established as head of the Berlin District, he generated a “doctrine” for his subordinates that inspired the subsequent propaganda facts of the third Reich, which established in the party the idea of the propaganda laws of Joseph Goebbels, of which the most importantIt was the sixth "the principle of orchestration", which expresses the idea that: "all lies said several times will come true";In that sense, Goebbels showed that the lies said for the National Socialist Party could come true if the German people were a participant in these.

Therefore ideas and "anti -Semitism" or "socialism" were promulgated by Nazism towards Germany, while NSDAP generated their manifestations against the Semita people (exercising a growing cohesion);the population of the RIN, the Rhün and the Berlin itself supported them;In that sense every time Goebbels spoke his ideas were always heard and carried out. "In important press conferences I was more than prepared to say flagrant lies" (Manvell, 1960, Pag.138) Therefore their interventions denoted certain lies that in the end they became "reality" for the German people.

On the other hand, the life of Joseph Goebbels as well as his actions in the party is full of lies;This can be evidenced thanks to works such as Michael that were manipulated by Goebbels himself who denied his exceptional talent for manipulation. Irving (1996) affirms those half truths and legends about his youth and the first phases of his career are now difficult to deny or demonstrate in certain cases, and have become accepted, thanks to the constant repetition.”(P.28). Thanks to which it can be affirmed that it is thanks to the intervention of Goebbels that the Germans believed the ideas of National Socialism.

While it is true, the propaganda methods that were used were not the most appropriate to convince the public, Goebbels was based on the manipulation of the few resources he had, to achieve his goals. In that sense, propaganda turned out to be very austere and insufficient. However, thanks to Goebbels ingenuity for propaganda, the media manipulation was achieved. In 1929 Goebbels, we must remember, he had neither the radio nor the cinema at his disposal. All his propaganda should be done through the press, demonstrations and rallies. (Kershaw, 2012). Therefore the problems of resource scarcity was not an impediment to achieve the development of national-socialist ideas in the study period.

In that sense, the propaganda of the National Socialist Party that Goebbels established was very important in the change of perspective with which the German people watched Hitler’s campaign;Thus. From the rhetoric of Goebbels that culprit was Weimar;regime that could not contract the defamation of its opponent.

Thus, the propaganda changes of the party were based on criticizing the problems of the previous governments and offering the economic and social change that Germany needed, that is why (Reuth 1990) states: “This city lives from that, and all political propaganda that does notHe has recognized it will not achieve his goal ”. p. 132. In other words, Goebbels propaganda was based on a populism system that promised not to make the mistakes of its predecessor and that the mistakes that the population knew grace to Weimar could be used in their favor.

Weimar the Government of Corruption

While it is true, much of what was mentioned by the Nazis is an exaggeration regarding the problems generatedto them and their ineptitude in the Treaty of Versailles that took the French disarmaState radio control and multiply mass meetings. To intimidate the adversary." P. 23).Thanks to which we can see how the National Socialist Party could take advantage of the errors of its opponents specifically the Republic and base its populism on repairing what "capitalism" generated in the nation.

Thus, not only the party but also the population could observe how the Republic of Weimar was manipulated by the other countries to generate the loss of Germany not only in war but also in the economy and territories, as can be seen in theAnnex 1, which expresses the perception that the Germans had about the decisions made by the Weimar Republic, and shows us the stab on the back that these facts generated;Thus, the cartoon gives us the idea that the country lost everything not because of external factors but for the betrayal of its leaders.


The Weimar Republic was the cause of many economic and social problems in Germany during the time of interwarAmong other factors they had an impact on the population in such a way that they were willing to change the populism of the Nazi party propaganda.

Also the propaganda orchestrated by Josep Goebbels was one of the most important factors of the collapse of the Weimar Republic because it consolidated Hitler’s image against the Government, and managed to form the population with the ideas that came to themAnd they promised, so in conjunction the propaganda against the Republic and the acts of this triggered its subsequent fall against the National Socialist Party.

Therefore, thanks to this we can conclude that the propaganda generated by Goebbels attached to the cohesion that the party exercised in the population generated that the promulgated ideas were accepted by the population and that the propaganda against the Republic of Weimar was one of theMost important factors in Hitler’s promotion to the power to the extent that when the political campaign of the National Socialist Party was produced, it was rejected and replaced by the system that Hitler offered them.

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