We Will Talk About Brazilian Cuisine

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We will talk about Brazilian cuisine


Brazilian gastronomy is mainly influenced by Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal. His culinary wealth had great contributions from Europeans at the time of colonization. Also of immigrants and slaves brought from Africa and indigenous natives. Therefore, the traditional dishes of Brazil are a sign of diversity. 


Brazilian culture is characterized by its sensual and lush folklore, its geographical beauty and its lovely people. It is also a country with great culinary tradition. His ingredients, preparations and flavors are one of the wonders you must try on your trip to Brazil. Brazilians have exquisite, varied, nutritious and exotic foods that manage any palate. You can appreciate from very popular dishes to exotic and luxury mergers. 

To know more about native dishes and strong carioca identity, we invite you to know five traditional dishes from Brazil. La Feijoada, one the traditional dishes of Brazil is known in other countries such as the famous beans. It is a national dish and, by custom, you find it in Brazilian restaurants on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is also part of the usual menu in family and social gatherings. This exquisite dish has black beans, pork and smoked meats. It is also usually accompanied with rice, choles, oranges, cassava or cassava, sausage, eggs and fried bananas. Feijoada is also a typical and very desired dish in Portugal. It is considered as a very tasty, economical and consumed gastronomic treasure by all social classes.

Zarapatel and Buchada de Bode El Sarapatel is a delicious dish, very typical in Brazil. Its main ingredient is the viscera of the pig. The preparation carries pieces of kidneys, heart, tongue, bacon and are seasoned with laurel, pepper, peppermint, coriander, pepper and chives onion onion. Another dish similar to Zarapatel with viscera bar. It is a very popular recipe that is prepared with the blood of cooked ox, heart, liver, kidneys, neck and beef. Vatapá stands out for being one of Brazil’s traditional dishes and you can taste it practically at any restaurant. 

You also find it in the popular food stalls on the streets. Vatapá is similar to a thick sauce or puree. Its ingredients are prawns or shellfish, peanuts, onion, pepper, ginger, coriander, salt, coconut milk and wet bread in the same milk. The ingredients must be mixed, smoothies and then prepare over low heat. Coconut milk must be gradually adding. This delicious dish is accompanied with cassava flour, rice and chicken. It is also served with shrimp, crows or tuna.

Picanha and Jabá La Picanha is an exquisite, tender, juicy and fatty veal meat. The fat it has makes it exceptional for its flavor. It is a soft meat taken from the part of the animal’s back. Its cut is fine, triangular and the grill is prepared to grill. Picanha or Picaña can be accompanied by potatoes, salad and vegetables. It is also very common to serve it with Farafa that is another very quoted recipe in Brazil. The Farofa consists of a mixture of cassava flour and eggs. 


Another very desirable and traditional dish is the flesh dried in the sun, also called Jabá. It is a meat to which a large amount of salt is added and starts to the sun for four days. This was a technique used by indigenous people for the preservation of food, to accentuate delight in flavors. Peixe’s Moqueca de Peixe is an exquisite delicile chatter. It has indigenous origin and it is a cooked white fish. 

CORVINA, PARGO AND LOMOS DE MERO are usually used. Fish are previously marinated with lemon, salt and pepper. Coconut milk and prawns. This majestic recipe is usually accompanied with white rice. It is also one of Brazil’s traditional dishes that you can find in most restaurants in the country.

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