Vispera De Los Santos, A Popular Celebration

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Vispera de los Santos, a popular celebration


The arrival of autumn reminds us, that Halloween is already approaching friends. Halloween every year is gaining a lot of popularity in our country. Until very recently we just knew anything about Halloween, only through the films of the saga, and that was only held in the United States. Now it is a party that every year is gaining more followers, and not only here, but in other parts of the world. Halloween is always celebrated on October 31. And why is Halloween celebrated?


This holiday is known as "All Hallows Eve", which means "eve of all the saints", which means that this celebration is held on the day that precedes the “All Saints Day, November 1. Halloween has evolved over time, being currently one of the most important parties that are celebrated worldwide. Halloween history and origin. In times of yesteryear it was a celebration of Celtic origin, where it was celebrated at the end of the season and collecting crops on October 31, whose name was Samhain.

There was an ancient belief that if huge fires were performed and all kinds of spells were made, the evil spirits would be scared. That is why people left offers, sweets and meals on the doors, so that the spirits of the underworld were happy and left them calm and in peace. After a while, over the mid -seventeenth century, the Irish emigrated and took this holiday to America, and there it extended throughout the United States, and their customs and their superstitions were changing according to El País.

What is Halloween and what? Halloween has evolved a lot since its origin, becoming what today is as well known as the party of all saints, the deceased, the night of witches, the feast of terror, of the monsters, of the zombies, of the vampires, of the demons. A party dedicated exclusively to endless malignant creatures, including Halloween pumpkins, decorative element par excellence. Today it is done with the purpose of having a good time among friends, family and acquaintances, to do something totally different.

As a basic point, you have to know that a good decoration cannot be missing when Halloween arrives, it is what will make your horror party that night and that all attendees will remember for a long time. We will start at this point since it will be the key to our idea of the party and on it we will base us. There are endless Halloween ornaments to make a good decoration. And there is no need to spend a lot of money, since you can make a cheap Halloween decoration, with many of the articles you can find.

Ideas for Halloween decoration. There are many ideas to decorate on Halloween, and it can be set by horror themes. The best known or most used are: sinister pumpkins, human butcher shop, night in the cemetery, circus of horrors, the enchanted mansion, the vampire night, asylum or psychiatric, zombies and witches. You can find all the cheap Halloween ornaments, to be able to make a perfect thematic decoration of your home and be able to surprise your guests.

How to decorate the house for Halloween? Now you can perfectly make an easy Halloween decoration of a house or local for Halloween. The first thing we have to think about is the theme to perform. At the time we have it, it’s time to start. Decoration of walls and doors on Halloween. Today it is very easy to find Halloween things to decorate the walls, both of the room and the halls, with the great wall funds, totally thematic. Wall funds are a quick and economical way to set the Halloween party. 

And of course, they get perfectly to make the desired photocall of terror and take thousands of fun photos of this memorable night of the dead. We give you an example of an atmosphere recreated in the theme of the Circus of Horro. This theme is the most used in recent years, due to the fashion of murderous clowns and that last year increased with the movie "IT" the decoration of doors on Halloween is also very important, since you have to camouflage or hide thehouse doors, even the windows, to give it an impressive feeling.

These doors ornaments are usually manufactured with vinyl and are reusable. If you want to see the cheap articles for the decoration of doors on Halloween, visit the section of our store. As you can see there are also many Halloween cut -out, as well as the thematic hanging decorations for the occasion. In the background, it’s about giving a totally scary environment with the cheap ornaments we offer you. You will see that it is not necessary to throw the house through the window buying many things, but if you choose well and with little budget, you can make a fantastic fear party.

Another thing for Halloween that you will have ever seen, and surely you will have fascinated you, are the dolls to decorate on Halloween. Not only the dolls that are placed as decoration, but those who have sound, which will make your party very true. But if you are a fan of Halloween decoration, there are some Halloween dolls, with totally spectacular light and sound. They are known as "Animated Progs". Dolls up to three meters high, which will delight your guests.

For a few years, when we started in the world of Halloween, we began to bring any of these animated dolls in firstSome unique pieces. In our section of Halloween monsters, you can see the videos of their movements and sounds. Do not miss it, they are really spectacular. With these animated dolls your Halloween party will be an assured success. 

It is ideal for large events, terror passages, colleges, discos, bars and restaurants. Halloween lends itself to all types of decorative to recreate an atmosphere of fear, the more ornaments you include, the more realistic the scene will be. One of the accessories to decorate the witch night, which is essential yes or yes, are the cobwebs and covers Halloween doors. The cobwebs are a very simple articles to place, you simply have to stretch them, and you will see how they themselves are taking a totally original way. 

They are usually white, but there are also in other colors. Orange is the second most used, but they are also in black, in green and lilac color. With Halloween web it is very easy to decorate any corner are very real and set the area where you are going to put them. And on them, you can place how many hairy spiders or tarantulas you want, to give it an even more spooky touch. The covers are like Andrajosa fabrics, which can be used to imitate the cobwebs.

Simply to make them fall on a sofa, furniture or also on the table as a table path will give you a more gloomy touch. Be creative and put them in strategic places, so that everything may seem with an older and older appearance to the decoration. In the background, the important thing is to surprise all your guests, whether adults or children, with small ornaments or things of Halloween, such as cobwebs, garlands, Andrajeous fabrics, that they will give it such a gloomy touch and aged wherever you place it, bugs bugs, skulls, pumpkins and skull balloons, lanterns.

We are going without cheap ornaments for Halloween that we have on our website, so you can decorate your terrifying corner. How to make table decoration for Halloween? Once the theme and decoration have been chosen, we are going to focus on Halloween table decoration. At this time it is very important how to wear the table, since it has become a ritual. Everything has to be perfectly complemented to give a cozy and elegant appearance, with all kinds of detail the table has to do with.

Halloween table decoration ornaments. The first thing to consider to decorate and ornament the table on Halloween is to choose the colors. The colors par excellence are orange, black, purple, red and white. With only one pinch of imagination you will create that sinister touch to the decoration of Halloween table, putting some web in a table on the table, some hairy spider that will cause feeling among your guests, hidden worms, some part of the dismembered body, ifYou like the daring more.

You can also decorate soft drink bottles with Halloween decorative labels, it is a simple but very original detail in which the guests usually set. A complement that will be spectacular on the table are the candlestick. At the table you can not miss sweets, pumpkins, candles, bags of chuches decorated with fear motifs, sweet baskets, to be able to make the famous "trick or treatment" and some delicious original cupcakes especially decorated.

Halloween food plans the menu secret, there are many very original recipes that you can perform for that night, and remember that everything has to be very beautiful and full of color for that night. At the table you can not miss sweets, pumpkins, candles, bags of chuches decorated with fear motifs, sweet baskets, to be able to make the famous "trick or treatment" and some delicious original cupcakes especially decorated. If you like the jelly, you can make some cakes in the form of brains and hearts, which will perfectly decorate the table.

You can find the molds on our website are very easy to do and you will love your guests. Fear music on Halloween. On the other hand and not less important is to put scary music on Halloween, an environmentally dark background, to put all the fearful atmosphere of fear in a situation. Horror music wraps your guests in every way and entertains the party a lot. Ideally, you look for horror movies such as soundtracks. There are many very good.


It is important every detail, it will be the one that makes the difference in the party, either from any atmosphere you have chosen. Surely your guests will be totally delighted. Do you have to prepare the party and do not plan to do on Halloween this year? Not panic, in Partymania you can find many cheap ornaments to make the best Halloween decoration. And enjoy Halloween party, because it only passes once a year.

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