Video Games, Health Effects And How They Are Manipulated

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Video games, health effects and how they are manipulated

A video game is an interactive application oriented to entertainment that, through certain controls or controls, allows to simulate experiences on the screen of a television screen, a computer or other electronic device.

We understand by video game all kinds of interactive digital game, regardless of your support.

Some time ago the video games of the moment could be found in the well -known arcades. A few years ago it was possible to find them in many leisure establishments. With the advancement of technology, video games became more usual in videoconsolas and computers. For this reason, the video game concept is used to refer to any interactive digital game, independent of your physical support.

The game is acquiring prominence as we grow, but never stops accompanying us. It is healthy for our mood and for our development, even from the intellectual point of view because it allows to increase the motivation for learning various subjects such as mathematics and science.

There are simple and more complex video games, some are able to tell stories and events using audio and videos created ex profess, demonstrating that the video game is another manifestation of art.

Do they affect health?

Despite the undoubted benefits that this activity provides, in some cases excessive use gives way to abuse and in others it causes serious personal, social and family problems. On the other hand, intelligence does not seem to suffer any deterioration due to the use of video games. On the contrary, it favors the development of aspects of intelligence, especially spatial character.

At the brain level it has been established that video games help a better reasoning capacity against everyday problems. It is more resolutive and ideas are sought differently than other people do. It improves in attention and concentration, showing a unique interest and a special capacity to look at the details. The reaction levels are also higher and several elements of the body are more efficiently used at the same time. The brain system after playing action games has a higher performance in multitasking.

Studies show that each video game affects the brain differently according to the category in question. For example, it has been found that shooters like Callofduty help strengthen the visual cortex and improve the information that the brain receives through the eyes. They have even treated people with a vague eye thanks to these shooting games.

How are they manipulated?

The input device used to manipulate a video game is known as “command”, and varies depending on what is the platform inhant. For example, a console controller could only consist of a button and a command lever. However, another could present a dozen buttons and one or more lever. Frequently, the first computer scientists made use of a keyboard to carry out an interaction, and even the user was needed to acquire a separate lever, which had at least one button. Several modern computer games allow, and in some cases they demand that the user uses a simultaneous keyboard and mouse.

How much can exposure to video games affect us personally?

The simplest response for many who do not really understand how the world of video games works is to say that if they can affect negatively. The fact of showing attitudes full of aggressive, racial and/or sexual burden make the players exposed to it, being able to transform their personality. However, this influence is not majority.

It depends much more on the person, on their character, on their family or social environment, not so much on what is present in front of a screen. It is difficult to have a different behavior after playing a game because most players know how to separate the fiction from reality.

The social issue is also something much discussed. In the past it was more difficult to interact with other people, but you always invited your group of friends to share PAD and enjoy everyone to the fullest. Now the world has changed, we take advantage of the technological evolution to share games virtually, while we talk to Skype or Teamspeak. We know new people and create clans, we upload our achievements to social networks and live much more society 2.0. It is a way of socializing. No one puts complaints because people use WhatsApp or communicate on Facebook, but when playing video games. It is contradictory.

As for training we have always heard the phrase of our mothers: "Playing video games will not make you make money, study". Founders and executives of high companies, especially technological ones, have a great passion for this world. As well as the workers who have on payroll, who disconnect from long hours in the office with the most rewarding games. Play, it’s another hobby, you don’t have to impact your studies or training. Today we see Gamers earning money with YouTube, or people who dedicate their day to day to professional gaming which charge a salary for playing in the best competitions in the world.

Finally, the issue of addition will always be present. Reality shows that playing in front of a screen does not differ from spending hours connected to the mobile or Internet. Or those who see a lot of television. If each one is aware of what we do, that we have to have a control, no problem. Excesses, as in any other activity in our lives, are not recommended. Diversify and enjoy, always with the clarity of what we have in front. Video games are an artistic staging that make us improve, while helping them improve.

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