Uterus Pathology Concept

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Uterus pathology concept


This concept of uterus pathology remained for centuries, such as data from the Middle Ages where there were comadrone. For the 1600s a German doctor named Petrus Forestus, public a compendium of medical treatments, which included a section dedicated to women’s diseases again mentioning hysteria as a pathology of the uterus and that its treatment was a vaginal massage withThe fingers that was applied with some oils, this was done by a doctor, was recommended for widowed women, young. 


It was the treatment of choice for that time. For the beginning of the 18th century there were already descriptions of the difficulty of generating vaginal orgasms, so the French devised a pelvic shower method to be able to stimulate the entire genital area and thus be able to control hysterical symptoms. So far it is important to contextualize these events, since from ancient ages hysteria were known as a characterized pathology a lack of sexual satisfaction in women that was engendered in the uterus and as from a culture perspective and the current legal framework all allThese treatments would be considered sexual abuse today and in the end there is a possibility that they did not resolve the true conflict that existed in the person.

Nor was validity or the opportunity to listen to patients about what it really happened to them and used these violent methods without having the right to comment. From the middle of the thirteenth century, paradigms are changed, and elements that were previously considered physical or body, come to be considered as something else, something that may come from the mind.

In the mid -eighteenth century, a great figure in France appears on the scene, considered the father of modern neurology Jean Martin Charcot who in turn also studies hysteria, for some time even thought that the paintings of movements, screams and behaviorsFrom some hysterical patients were part of a convulsive picture again some tests were performed that would currently be considered abusive such as vaginal or anal temperature taking. What would attract attention at this point would be the innovation of treatment such as the use of hypnosis and some patients had very good results.

  • New model change

One of Jean Martin Charcot’s main disciples would be Freud who also learned from his hypnosis techniques for the management of hysterical symptoms, however, apparently his results were not so favorable. This leads Freud to make an approach to the etiological bases of hysteria both from organic and mental functioning, as well as some of the elements that could be used both to treat and to explain the symptoms experienced by these patients.

  • The repression

It was observed in some cases during clinical interviews there is a type of strength to call it in some way, which tends to subtract the energy of the representations that live in the unconscious and that tend to exert pressure to manifest at a conscious level. Some of these representations are going to be drives that tend to always see.

Although it can be pleasant to reduce the tension, at the conscious level it may be that some of these drives will be unacceptable to a conscious level. Repression, this tends to contain certain elements that are found in the unconscious, some drives, however, it should also be considered that you still have influence or power in the unconscious world.


Historically, hysteria cases have been known for centuries, as can be seen in some ancient texts that are present from ancient Greece approximately 400 years before Christ, with great thinkers and doctors such as Plato and Hippocrates, where aCondition related to the female sexual function that affected the uterus, and that this organ toured the woman’s body and produced the symptoms.

In fact, we must not go beyond only the origin and meaning of the word hysteria, which comes from the Greek and literally means uterus, again reaffirming its history since ancient times. Through the centuries, knowledge about the pathology continued to. 

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