Unemployment In Technological Change And Innovation

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Unemployment in technological change and innovation

Technological and innovation change generates initial structural unemployment, it is evident that technology and innovation evolution causes changes in the management and production structures of companies that have become the economic development engine, since it reduces Costs and increases productivity, increases the quality of the products and/or services that are established as a strategic objective and has modified their occupational structure, since a large part of the works is developed through small multidisciplinary equipment, And more customized customers, users, and/or consumers, and also affect the necessary labor and professionals, which at the same time implies the need for reduction or reorganization of human capital, not only of the less qualified positions, but also of the most qualified positions, in this sense we can talk that 1 in 2 jobs are seen It will be eliminated or reorganized in 2030 and will also affect the salary level. We can point out some examples in this regard, which we have mentioned in class, is the case studied of the Medical Radiology Service, with technological advances of image tools that work in online etc., All this has important consequences on employment, in the stability of contracts, in professional mobility and in qualification demands, which requires adaptation.

Training reverses the unemployment of technological change and innovation, it is our obligation as trainers, introducing our students into the new industrial revolution (industry 4.0), To advance society model, although initially as a result of what is previously indicated, a structural unemployment or unemployment is occurring that is usually long -term unemployment and affects a large number of people due mainlyof insufficient training to adapt to the evolution of the economy (technological changes, innovation, changes in the work organization and changes in the labor market). The adaptation capacity based on a flexible, versatile and open formation becomes the main insurance against unemployment for most people in the coming years and an extremely important reduction of unknown workers will be necessary, and a hand of a hand ofmuch more highly qualified work, however this more qualified labor must fulfill a permanent adaptation function to the evolution of the professions and the content of the jobs and depending on the social promotion that allows workers to improve their situationProfessional, social and economic. I consider, therefore, that the training must be planned according to the needs of the labor market, the existing professional outputs at a given time and, which allows to adapt to occupational changes.

Technological and innovation change are promoting new types of employment, the appearance of new productive and consumption forms will in turn, new jobs such as the appearance of true specialists focused on data analysis, telecommunications networks, artificial intelligence, allwhat related to cyber security and public administration data and public sector etc., The need to protect the environment in danger forces us to think about a “sustainable economic development”, which implies that on the one hand, employment will be lost in pollutant companies and sectors, and on the other hand they will be necessary professionals with amultidisciplinary training given the complexity of environmental problems, for example, machinery innovation for the collection of plastics in oceans. But really what the unemployment problem will solve are small and medium enterprises, since independent work (the self-employment of workers) will increase that will create its own company. Small and medium enterprises assume a relevant role in the transformation of economic structures, let’s not forget that large companies tend to conserve only the essential professionals of the activity, undoing the rest and decentralizing in the medium and small businesses forsave costs or at least dispense with internal services that can be purchased outside.  

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