Tradition Of The Day Of The Dead

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Tradition of the Day of the Dead


The Day of the Dead is a very popular and known celebration worldwide. The celebration is more popular in Spanish -speaking countries, but the culture to celebrate celebrations is growing in more countries such as the United States. I think the celebration is beautiful and very interesting, so I will study the day of the dead in Mexico. I will study the origin, the important events, the message and important ideas. Also, I will study the Day of the Dead in the United States and investigate the like and differences in both countries. The day of the dead 3000 years ago. The celebration is based on a ritual of the Aztecs. 


The Aztecs believed that death was a present part of life. They believed that a person was traveling one of the four houses after death. The first house is Chichihuacuahco. In Chichihuacuauhco, a child can drink milk from a tree. The milk gives the strength. The second house is Mictlán. An older person is here. He has to travel through nine stages and the trip lasts 4 years. There are many difficult tests at each stage. The third house is ilhuicatl-tonatiuh. Warriors and women who died in childbirth go to this house. In the end, these people become living creatures. The fourth house is Tlalocán. This house is like paradise. 

People who died from water go to this house. Friends and family gave food, water and tools to help the person on their trip. This practice became modern celebration. Over time, the celebration has become more popular. The roots of the celebration is Catholicism. The Spanish conquerors who arrived in America in 1500s spread their Catholic culture. Spanish Catholic beliefs mixed with Aztec traditions. To celebrate the celebration, Mexicans have many symbols. The altar allows the spirits to enter the world of the living. The altars have many offerings. The ‘Marigolds’ are the main flower to decorate. 

In addition, Catrina skull is an important symbol. The Catrina skull is on a poem about the dead. Also, there is food on the altar. People think that the dead travel to be hungry, so they offer them food. People celebrate the Day of the Dead throughout Mexico. The party is very social, so people dress like the skull catrina and use bright colors because the celebration is very exciting. The method of celebrating changes in each region in Mexico because there have been different influences. In the United States, the Day of the Dead is celebrated. The day of the dead is not Halloween and many people believe this.

The day of the dead in the United States became popular in 1980. In recent years, the celebration has become more popular because the film Coco and the immigration of people from Spanish speakers has increased. Also, migrants from the past that who came to the United States as parents born in Mexico encourage their children to celebrate the holiday. They honor their grandparents and parents of Mexico. For example, there are 57 million Hispanics in the United States. This is 18% of the population in the United States. Some people who are not Spanish -speaking countries also celebrate the day because it is a fun and social celebration, especially in the big cities. 

Companies can also benefit from the celebration. People wait that the traditions of the Day of the Dead bring 1.8 billion in 2021. Companies can earn a lot of money by creating decorations and food. In Mexico and the United States, people use the holiday to donate good causes. The celebration is more political than in the past. In both countries, companies have events to raise funds during the celebration, and profits are allocated to organizations for Latin Americans. For example, in Chicago de Illinois, the Chicago Urban Arts Society has a ‘skull dance’ on the day of the dead. 

The show profits go to Latin women in action. Another example: in Mexico, the Day of the Dead is now a way of protesting the high mortality rate of Mexicans because of the murder. In both countries, people use the holiday to cause a good impact today. The celebration is very similar in both countries because Hispanics to bring the holiday to the United States use traditional decorations and methods. For example, in both countries, people make altars with offerings to the dead. In addition, there are parades with many colors and costumes. The parades are mainly in the big cities. 

In the United States, the Day of the Dead is celebrated in Los Angeles de California, San Antonio de Texas and Chicago de Illinois. In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico City, Michoacán and Aguascalientes. Regarding evolution, the day of the dead became popular in the rural areas of Mexico, and the celebration has spread to the big cities. In the United States, the Day of the Dead became popular in large cities, and celebrations have spread to rural areas. The holiday is celebrated in cities such as Los Angeles de California and San Antonio de Texas. Another difference between celebrations in both countries is the new culture of celebrations. 

In some areas in the United States, celebration is part of a pop culture. Some companies use the holiday as a way to earn money. The Smithsonian Latino Center in the United States wants to educate the public about history and the importance of the day in Spanish -speaking countries. This problem is not a big problem in Mexico because it is a traditional party that has been celebrating for a long time. Additionally, Mexicans love more of their family members during the Day of the Dead because that is tradition. However, people in the United States worship the dead and famous people when they celebrate the Day of the Dead. 


In Texas Houston, there is an organization called Day of the Dead Rock Stars. This organization is celebrated singers from the United States such as Johnny Cash, Joey Ramone and Marvin Gaye. Then I investigated, I think the tradition is disappearing. It is very important to celebrate friends and families because it is tradition and respects death. Also, over time, tradition changes. Beliefs change and people evolve; However, it is a very respected traditional party. The Day of the Dead is important for many cultures in Mexico and the United States, but also in the world. It is beautiful and full of history. 

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